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Products that work

The philosophy of White Lotus Anti Aging is simple, quality natural beauty products and beauty techniques that actually work better than their synthetic and often toxic cousins from our beauty supply store.

Genuinely Natural and Safe

We believe all the techniques and products we use and sell should have been tested for thousands of years on people rather than subject to a brief laboratory test and then dumped on an unsuspecting public. We want to redefine natural products so it actually means something again by avoiding all the unnatural additives that are currently acceptable in apparently natural products.

Home treatments adapted to your lifestyle

We test all our products extensively in our clinic to ensure they work in a way that is user friendly for you at home and that they genuinely get results. In our opinion a beauty treatment is pointless unless it is easy for you to manage at home around your busy life.You can also attend a clinic offering the White Lotus Techniques by viewing our directory and contacting us,

Genuinely Affordable

Finally we know that most people want to look their best but cannot afford to live at a salon so we have made our packages as affordable as possible so you can buy them outright for the price of many single salon treatments and use them for years at home without the burden of on-going expenses. For those of you that want the finest skin needling treatments you can consult a trained clinician to combine a first class course of treatments with a fantastic anti aging home regime,

Truly Good For You

Modern cosmetic medicine has taken a course in which most popular beauty treatments are now at best questionable for your health. Please read more about Botox, dermal abrasion or modern cosmetic surgery if you need confirmation. We are the first society in recorded history to truly separate health and beauty and refuse to see the connection. By using genuinely healthy products to produce brilliant results we hope to re-join these two concepts.

Our Ingredients

White Lotus Beauty ProductsGreen tea oil

White Lotus uses only the highest quality traditional Chinese herbs in all the products they produce. All the herbs used are organic where possible and produced in either organic green tea oil of organic grain alcohol. The organic green tea oil base is particularly useful for anti aging properties as green tea oil has been shown to reduce the damage from radiotherapy, rejuvenates skin cells, protects against UV rays and increases elastin in the skin. This combined with the natural anti aging herbs makes it very effective.

Using natural bases such as organic green tea oil and organic alcohol means there is no need to use unnatural preservatives. In fact White Lotus uses no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. We also use no sulphates, or synthetic ingredients of any sort. It is our belief that better results can actually be achieved by using natural products without all the unknown risks of using newly developed synthetic products. All the ingredients in our products have been tested on people for thousands of years and have stayed in use because they are so safe and effective.

Vegan Society approved

All White Lotus's brand name products are approved by the Vegan society.

Chinese herbs and Beauty Products

All White Lotus's products are developed by Anthony and Kamila Kingston who are registered Chinese herbalists who spent 5 years tertiary training studying Chinese herbalism.Anti Aging serum
White Lotus also carries a comprehensive range of other beauty products. Anthony and Kamila have personally tested all products sold and believe them to be the most effective and safest on the market.

Throughout the above explanation you will see the word effective repeated about our beauty supply store. This is intentional as we believe that this is often overlooked in the modern natural health market. We all want safe natural products but we also need them to really work. This is important not only for individuals but for the industry as a whole if it is to grow and replace the variety of unnecessary chemical based beauty products currently dominating the market.

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