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Anti Aging Cupping

Cupping is an alternative form of medicine whereby special cups are used on the skin. Cupping can be used for various reasons. Some people believe that cupping helps with pain, relaxation, blood flow, inflammation, and deep tissue massage.

The cups are made of silicone, glass, earthenware, or bamboo. The cupping process is not new. It dates back to ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and cultures in the Middle East.

There are different types of cupping. It can be wet or dry. In both wet and dry cupping, a flammable substance is used in a cup and set on fire. Alcohol, herbs, or paper can be used as the flammable substance. As the fire goes out, the cup is placed on the skin upside down.

As the air inside the cup cools, a vacuum is created. The skin rises and gets red as the blood vessels expand. The cup is left on the skin for about three minutes.
The modern cupping uses rubber pump instead of a flammable substance to create a vacuum in the cup.

Silicone cups can move easily from one place to another on the skin to cause a massage like effect.

Wet cupping causes a mild suction after leaving the cup on the skin for three minutes. The cup is then removed, and a small scalpel is used to make tiny cuts on the skin. A second is done to draw out a small amount of blood.

You can try a cup and see how it is. Three to five cups are recommended per session. After cupping, it is important to get an ointment and a bandage to prevent an infection. The skin should be normal after ten days.

The supporters of cupping believe that toxins and harmful substances are removed through wet cupping, the process promotes healing, but it is not proven. Other people get needle cupping where the therapist puts the acupuncture needles and then puts the cup over the skin.


Benefits of cupping

Cupping has many advantages like strengthening skin and the connective tissues and increasing oxygen-rich blood circulation. Facial cupping helps in reducing the visibility of wrinkles and lines. The sensitive and neglected areas of the neck are toned, and the skin becomes healthy and firm.

Research shows that cupping can help to break the connective tissue. This helps to tighten the connective tissue as the connective tissue that is misaligned is what courses stretch marks and changes the shape of the face.

Cupping helps with the metabolism of fluid which reduces the retention of fluid. The fluid retention makes the eyes to look puffy.

Massage cupping creates separation and space in the tissues to allow the therapist to work effectively. The cupping helps to facilitate elimination of debris and releases the soft tissues that are rigid.

Other benefits include releasing deep muscular issues, decreasing inflammation and pain, releases and soften scar tissue, and improve blood circulation.

Cupping is a natural method that improves the flow of blood and the micro-circulation which assist the skin and improves the skin colour. The lymphatic drainage is stimulated, and toxins are removed from the skin. The process is useful in reducing cellulite.

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