Is there a way to sterilise a skin needling roller?

Is there a way to sterilise a skin needling roller?

Skin needling rollers are known to be very efficient when it comes to rejuvenating the skin because they can penetrate through the surface of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen. But due to the fact that the roller punctures the skin, a perfect level of hygiene is required, and such a personal care product cannot be shared with anyone.

Now, there is an enormous difference between cleaning and sterilising. When you clean your skin needling roller, it doesn’t mean you also sterilise it. You should know that sterilising is a medical process, which involved the use of EO sterilisation or gamma rays, the surface of the product not containing any trace of skin cells, dust, residues, blood, or anything that can be acquired of the skin or from the surrounding environment. The sterilisation process brings the skin needling roller in the initial state, before personal use, like you never even touched it.

Thus, if you are thinking to make the sterilisation process in your home, or salon, you should know that the only possibility to achieve this is with autoclaving machines. Still, this is not yet a solution, because these machines can damage the roller, by destroying the needles or melting its handle.

A question is often asked when it comes to cleansers specially developed for skin needling rollers. There are some companies that sell such cleansers with the claim that they can sterilize the roller. But, as we previously mentioned, sterilisation cannot occur by just wiping the roller with a cleaning solution.
This is called disinfecting the roller, and not sterilising it. So finding cleansers that disinfect the skin needling roller is correct while cleansers that sterilise the product are a false claim. Such advertisers happen because the  company does not fully understand the meaning of the sterilisation process and what does it involves. So do be careful when wishing to purchase such products, because what they claim to do cannot be achieved.

So how can you be sure that a roller using needles as a treatment method can be safe for usage? No one can take any risks when it comes to this, so the cleaners that are used for sanitising a skin needling roller can be the most reliable.

Thus, do opt for cleansers that contain isopropyl alcohol, or, as we prefer most, colloidal silver since it is the most natural and efficient way of cleaning and sanitising a dermal roller. The silver can remove up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria that can cause skin problems or infections. Now that you have knowledge about what sterilising means, you will make the best choices when choosing your dermal rolling cleaner.


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