Micro needling or Skin Needling and Hyperpigmentation including skin needling Melasma

Micro needling or Skin Needling and Hyperpigmentation including skin needling Melasma

When we discuss hyperpigmentation we are talking about the skin becoming darker as opposed to hypo pigmentation which is the skin becoming lighter.
Common causes include sun damage, inflammation and other skin injuries including those caused by acne vulgaris

These pigmentation changes are largely influenced by the production of melanin produced by cells called melanocytes located fairly shallowly in the skin at the base of the epidermis. Over production by these cells is a common cause of hyperpigmentation

Skin needling has the ability to normalise the signalling between keratinocytes another cell in the epidermis and melanocytes and normalise melanogenesis and melanocyte differentiation. In other words to create health melanocyte cells that produce healthy melanin.

It is this mechanism that allows skin needling to benefit so many cases of hyper pigmentation.

Melasma is a particular type of hyper pigmentation we are asked about a lot as it is very common in pregnant women.

Results in these cases vary we have seen some good results in clinic using a 0.5mm Lotus roller and our organic scar serum which is largely composed of green tea oil. Unfortunately as melasma is unpredictable and little understood there are also case reports of it getting worse with various forms of stimulation including massage, some creams and skin needling.

For these reasons and in all cases of hyperpigmentaion it is important to do a test patch on the skin first to be sure the kin will react well to the treatment.
For those interested in assisting hyper pigmentation at home we would recommend the scar therapy pack as the simplest way to improve the skin and the scar reduction pack for those who want the whole package.


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