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The Benefits of Silk for Anti-Aging

The Benefits of Silk for Anti-Aging

Maybe you are already familiar with this ancient beauty secret, and maybe you are not. The thing is… it is the real deal.

First of all, man made silk is not going to cut it for this- you need the real deal, 100% mulberry silk, ours is 19 momme, which is high quality and long lasting. Secondly, say goodbye to waking up with bed head and a wrinkly face.


Do you want luxurious, glossy hair? Of course you do! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase prevents your hair from breaking, which is where your fly away hairs and split ends come from. Cotton might feel soft to the ski, but actually the weave grips and pulls individual strands which is what causes damage. The saying “silky smooth” didn’t come from nowhere! If you’ve just have your hair done sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help you keep your style for longer, whether it’s curls or a blowout. 


Did you realise that silk contains 18 essential amino acids? Yep, and there are studies that show that amino acids counter the effects of aging. It also contains something that helps speed up the skin cells metabolism- so that’s two separate things that help prevent aging! While cotton absorbs and steals moisture, silk doesn’t which allows your night creams to do their job, resulting in much clearer skin. Maybe you aren’t worrying about wrinkles yet, but sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also reduce pimple outbreaks.    


Silk doesn’t conduct heat so it’s a great natural heat regulator and maintains your body at the correct temperature. During the winter months it will help you retain your heat, so in summer you’ll be kept cool and in the winter you’ll be snug as a bug. Double bonus if you’re in the throes of menopause.

Health Benefits

There are plenty of health benefits with 100% silk, it doesn’t retain the allergens as cotton does so it’s great for those of us with asthma, and for those who suffer from allergies- also those with sensitive skin that is dry or itchy, and have eczema. It’s easy to pack pillow cases when you’re traveling, too, so if you’re on the go you can maintain your sleep regimen quite easily. A lot of bedding items contain unwanted chemical ingredients and accumulate allergens, silk pillowcases are an effective deterrent.

The benefits of sleeping with a silk pillowcase are countless and if you don’t believe me… well, you can see our range of anti-aging silk products here.

Why not see for yourself just how great it feels to wake up with sexy hair, clear skin and a face that isn’t creased with pillow marks?


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