The Benefits of Silk for Anti-aging and Sleeping With a Silk Pillow

The Benefits of Silk for Anti-aging and Sleeping With a Silk Pillow

Many hair stylists are of the opinion that silk pillow cases can help in anti-aging and can help minimize frizz unlike the cotton fibers of a cotton pillow. Some people are of the opinion that silk actually encourages fine lines. Silk pillowcases are comparatively less absorbent as compared to cotton pillowcases.

In such cases, expensive anti-aging creams will not seep into your bed. Ever wondered why Marilyn Monroe slept in silk sheets and had silken pillows for her head? Not only does research suggest that it has alluring qualities, but also that it has healing qualities. It is also a solution to anti-aging, and other related problems.

A study, a double-blind clinical trial was conducted by the University of Bologna in Italy. It concluded that wearing silken underwear reduced itching dramatically along with the redness that is accompanied by vaginal thrush. The fungal infection happens to be common amongst women and for one in twenty; this condition recurs at least four times a year.

In the study, one group wore DermaSilk or silk developed specially for the skin and the rest of the people wore cotton. Neither the groups were told nor were their doctors told as to what was being investigated. The treated silk actually felt more like a fabric made of cotton. After six months, 90 percent of those who wore the silk found lesser symptoms. So, how exactly could silk help people? The medical grade silk prevents excess moisture from forming and absorbs it so that the thrush is not formed.

Cure for bed hair

The pillows made of silk reduce frizzy hair and it is a cure for bed hair.

Cure for eczema

The pillows made of silk can also reduce eczema and the related problems.

Where to get anti-aging pillowcases

How do you think Hollywood stars look so radiant despite having aged? They use anti-aging pillows made of silk. It seems that silk is made up of strings of amino acids that are similar to or even the same as the pH in our skin. Those proteins can help prevent the hair from creating split ends and from frizzing.

You can get these pillow cases at online stores but ensure you purchase one with a minimum of 19momme- so it lasts a long time and is washed easily.. In fact, there is no shortage of these pillow cases in the market today. A few decades ago, when asked whether synthetic fibers or natural fibers were good for the skin, people would respond with natural fibers. Hence, silk pillow cases became highly popular. Modern fabrics exert maximum friction and tug on the skin and the hair. The delicate texture allows your skin to relax, whereas cotton pillowcases simply rob the skin of moisture. Anti-wrinkle fabrics do not dry your skin unlike cotton pillowcases. They also distribute the natural oils of the skin throughout the body. The silk pillowcases will protect your skin from aging faster. Anti-wrinkle pillows made of silk can be uncomfortable at times, but they can also prevent the formation of unnatural creases while you sleep. You should, therefore, go for a silk pillow that will not form wrinkles on the skin.


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