The Simple Solution to Stop your Jade Roller from Squeaking  White Lotus

The Simple Solution to Stop your Jade Roller from Squeaking

A common complaint lodged about jade rollers is that, when used, they can make a high-pitched squeaking sound. While this might not be a particular issue with other products, use of the jade roller is intended to be a relaxing process promoting wellness and peace of mind; obviously, this is somewhat hindered when you’re being pestered by a constant squeaking.

However, it’s nothing to be especially concerned about – the squeak is simply the sound of the new metal brackets rubbing against the jade stone, and it’s an issue that can easily be fixed.

To get rid of the jade roller squeak simply place a small drop of oil in the small hole where the jade roller head connects to the metal bracket.

We like to opt for the White Lotus anti-aging serum, mostly for its green tea oil base – an oil which has been traditionally used on jade since its earliest applications in ancient China. Alternative oils can be used too; but whatever you opt for, make sure that it is a vegetable oil. After all, the roller is going to be used on the skin, and excessively greasy or potentially toxic oils can have some profoundly un-beneficial effects.

How often you will have to apply the oil depends greatly on how often you use the roller, as well as what sort of environment you are living in – obviously, a damper environment means that the metal brackets might be more prone to rust. Depending on your particular circumstance, you might have to reapply the oil every few months.

This technique works best with the sold metal brackets used in the White Lotus jade roller.

You should be a little bit careful if using a lower quality roller with wire metal brackets. These brackets are much weaker and the wire underneath can be very sharp. Make sure the brackets are strong and have good pressure against the jade crystal. If not, there is some chance that, when the oil is applied, the head of the roller may fall out – which, in turn, can cause the wire to leave cuts and abrasions on the skin when the roller is next used.

This is a particularly large issue with the smaller heads used under the eyes where most suppliers only provide the option of thin wire brackets.

In other words, when it comes to a product like the jade roller, which plays such a key role in your health and wellness, it is always worth it to invest a little more money in a higher-quality product.

On the subject of which, we’d also like to remind you not to allow this unfortunate inconvenience to put you off the use of jade rollers and their many benefits. Used properly, a jade roller can:

  • Increase lymphatic drainage
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Lift and smooth the skin
  • Provide a relaxing ritual we all crave at the end of a busy day

In other words, that little squeak is hardly reason enough to just give up on the roller. By investing in a little bit of oil to keep the rolling a bit quieter, you’re also investing in your long-term health and wellness.

And while we’re at it, we ought to note that, while we’ve been focusing on jade rollers here, this technique can be applied just as readily to rollers of other varieties – rose or clear quarts, amethyst, and so forth. Many of these use very similar joints and brackets, to which much the same treatment can be applied.

To learn more about the quality difference and the Solid Brass Brackets on the White Lotus Jade Roller please follow this link.