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The Top Findings of the China Study

There is no question that nutrition is a subject that has been extremely important for humanity and it has been featured in any books and articles. There is one particular book called The China Study. It was written back in 2005 and it offers some great finds in regards to the relationship between all the animal derived products that we consume and the deadliest illnesses that seem to be most common in men and women. These include heart disease, breast and prostate cancer and diabetes amongst others. In this article, we are going to give you some of the valuable findings that this book provides.

Nutrition that prevents and heals

One of the top findings they have been able to make is that proper nutrition is just as efficient for preventing those illnesses as it is for curing them even when they are at their later stages. Just how late in the stages of those diseases the nutrition will be able to halt the process is still under debate, but the findings of the book conclude that dieting is definitely essential for fighting them efficiently.

Proper Nutrition can counter the effects of dangerous chemicals
This is also something that the book talks about with great detail and it gives details on research that has been conducted to show how the human body can handle all kinds of noxious chemicals as long as the right kind of nutrition is always provided.

Genes can be harnessed to prevent disease

They also made a great discovery in regards to the kind of role that our genes have when it comes to the sort of diseases that we can suffer from in or lives. We can carry genes that make us more vulnerable to certain conditions, but proper nutrition can help keep those genes suppressed and we will keep our bodies safe and free from any kind of dangerous disease.

Plant nutrients are just as good as animal nutrients

This book has a chapter that is entirely dedicated to findings that offer a look into the kind of nutrition that is provided by animals and the kind of nutrients that are provided by plants. Their studies conclude that there are basically no nutrients in foods that are animal based that are cannot be found in plants too.
This is a controversial finding as some experts in the field are certain that the kind of proteins we get from plants is completely different from the proteins we get from animals.

Vitamins are not the ultimate fix to all kinds of disease

There is a lot of talk about vitamins being the most efficient nutrients that you can use to cure all kinds of disease, but this book finds that they are only complimentary in the general nutrition of a person for those truly optimal results to be possible when fighting all kinds of illnesses.

Nutrition that is good for one chronic disease is good for all of them

According to the book when you have optimal nutrition for your body, you will be able to achieve an extremely powerful level of inner strength that is going to allow you to get the kind of results you want and need. This means that your body will be able to overcome all serious illness symptoms efficiently. 


This is a very interesting book that anyone who takes nutrition seriously should read. It offers some valuable information in regards to nutrition and it provides very useful formulas for your dietary habits that can change your life and your perspective on general health.