Wellness as a healthy state of mind and body  White Lotus

Wellness as a healthy state of mind and body

Wellness as a healthy state of mind and body

Wellness can be defined as a deliberate effort to remain healthy in body and mind. One of the key ways that people improve their well-being is to use natural products and foods that provide nutrition. Lifestyle changes demand that convenience foods provide organic and natural nutrition for health and wellness.

Wellness trends

Wellness is not only fashionable and much talked about but it is seen as a way to maintain physical and mental balance. Health spas, wellness tourism, workplace wellness are trends that have given rise to demands for alternative medicines as well as health supplements that are natural and organic. Vegan is another trend that is growing as use of antibiotics in animal feeds has caused fear of eating the wrong foods. More and more consumers are gravitating towards products that are non-GMO and natural and which offer health benefits. Natural, organic and health supplements products market is definitely on the rise as people are getting more and more conscious of wellness requirements.

Health is now holistic

Consumers have begun to look for healthy alternatives to foods especially snacking. Health and wellness are now inter-linked with eating healthy, reducing stress, exercising and relaxing. Food manufacturers are also developing products that use natural ingredients and which are organically grown to compete for the market in ‘natural’ foods. Besides this aging and obesity are two factors that are affecting a change in eating habits towards the natural. This is why food manufacturers are investing in research and development to provide healthy alternatives that are ‘natural,’ ‘functional’ and ‘healthy.’ 

Populations and health foods

One segment of society has been termed as LOHAS which stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. This segment of the population believes in fitness through sustainable living and believes that the environment is important. This group consumes organic foods, products that show social responsibility, dietary supplements and green of natural products. Aging population is also one of the largest consumers of wellness and health products. They also believe in consuming supplements that have natural and organic ingredients.

Reformulations of foods

Foods are now being reformulated so that they contain wholegrain, high-fiber, sugar-free and fat reduced. As a result of the demand for natural and organic foods the grocery markets have whole grain, organic pasta, breads, cereals etc. You will also see shelves filled with juices that are 100% natural. Certain food manufacturing companies offer products that contain healthy and natural snacks like nuts and dried fruit. Seeds like pumpkin flax seeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts are on the increase as these offer natural health benefits. Consumers do not want foods that have preservatives and chemicals and the trend for organic dairy, bakery, vegetable and fruits products continues to rise. Along with this trend there is also a demand for fortified and functional foods which contain vitamins, herbs or nutraceuticals and which are eaten for a particular health benefit. Natural products that have no hormones and antibiotics are also in demand.