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Anti Aging Clinics

White Lotus Anti Aging has long been at the forefront of the natural Anti Aging revolution with their anti aging clinics. All products sold on the site have been extensively tested in the clinical environment. Long term practitioners Anthony and Kamila Kingston had spent many years traveling, studying and practicing the anti aging and beauty techniques from the traditional societies of the world. In 2006 they set up White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture. At the time this was the first specialist cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Australia and one of the first in the world. This clinic specialised in cosmetic skin needling and other forms of natural effective anti aging techniques. It has always been the aim of the clinic to provide natural alternatives to some of the more risky cosmetic practices currently promoted across the world. The clinic quickly grew in reputation culminating with several appearances on National Television.

In 2010 in response to the rapid growth in sales of the online shop the owners moved to the UK as a more effective base from which to run the growing International business. During the 4 years they were running the clinic in Australia the clinic proved a constant source of inspiration for new Anti Aging products and protocols. Client feedback has always been the best source of ideas to help people really achieve the results they want. It is for this reason that you will sometimes see the information on this website differ to other online shops as we only promote practices that we have seen work repeatedly in clinic. This is particularly true of the Skin Needling Roller where the owners both having undertaken 4 years training in skin needling and specialised courses on cosmetic skin needling were particularly well placed to judge what really worked and what was merely promotion.

It was from this experience that White Lotus developed its range of products and techniques for therapists

Some of the major achievements of the clinic are.

The first specialist cosmetic acupuncture clinic in Australia.

One of the first companies in the world to introduce a line of all natural organic cosmetic products using the ancient wisdom of the Chinese herbal medicine system the largest in the world.

The first to introduce acupuncture breast enhancement to Australasia using their own tested protocols.

The first to make the public aware of the great benefits of cosmetic skin needling through their interviews and stories on National Television, newspapers and through their articles in popular magazines.

One of the first groups to run National and International seminars for therapists training them in their own natural cosmetic skin needling techniques.

The first group to speak out about the possible health problems of the beauty industries dependence on high dose synthetic serums and creams when combined with the increased absorption of products caused by skin needling

First and only group to produce a Number 1 International Best Selling book on skin needling 'Holistic Microneedling'

White Lotus has always prided itself on being an educational resource as well as a shop and a anti aging clinic. For this reason the owners continue to provide you tube videos and blogs answering popular questions we receive from both therapists and the general public and debunking popular myths.