Cosmetic Acupuncture is also known as Anti Aging Acupuncture and needling. It is a specialist field of Acupuncture aimed at improving the skins appearance naturally, sometimes also referred to as acupuncture facial rejuvenation. It is a gentle yet highly effective alternative to Cosmetic surgery, Botox/ collagen injections /Dermal fillers, etc.

Anti Aging acupuncture is used to keep your skin in optimum condition. White Lotus is a longevity clinic aimed at strengthening your health which is reflected in the appearance of your face. The reason some people age better than others from our perspective is that they have good internal health. If you look after the internal organs, your face will reflect this. Prevention is far better than cure so the saying goes.

Although it is commonly called cosmetic acupuncture, the treatments are part of a specialty field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that use a combination of Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Tui-na(acupuncture massage) and Chinese Dietary therapy, to achieve a youthful appearance. It differs from all other beauty techniques because treatments are unique to your constitution, based on your presenting TCM diagnosis. Your TCM diagnosis is determined by Pulse, tongue and our unique facial diagnosis.

Cosmetic Acupuncture has existed in China for centuries and was one of the key beauty secrets of the wealthy and powerful women of Ancient China. However, It was not until the 1970’s that it received formal recognition in modern China. It’s effectiveness was quickly recognised by celebrities who depend upon their appearance and has since spread rapidly.

Anti Aging is a holistic treatment, which focuses on creating beauty from the inside out. Unlike other facial treatments, your entire health is improved during treatment leaving you feeling younger as well as looking younger.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is generally safer and more affordable than Botox, Collagen, Restylane injections, Cosmetic Surgery and involves absolutely no recovery time.

How Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Work?

A - Cosmetic Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The cosmetic acupuncture techniques have been used for thousands of years in China, demonstrating their effectiveness and safety . Even though these anti aging treatments are commonly referred to as ‘cosmetic acupuncture’, treatments are actually a combination of different Chinese techniques all with one purpose, making you look younger. Techniques include acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tui Na (acupressure massage), cupping, moxa, gua sha and the use of the luxurious Jade roller: Called TCM Cosmetology in China, authentic cosmetic acupuncturists use purely TCM diagnosis.

In Western Medicine terms, the treatments stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as increasing muscle firmness, improving lymphatic drainage, firming skin, closing pores and dramatically increasing micro-circulation to the face, improving skin. In Chinese Medicine it increases the flow of Qi and blood to the face as well as the body’s internal organs and strengthening internal weaknesses. After a treatment skin generally looks firmer with improved muscle tone, tighter pores, and better facial. Cosmetic Acupuncture also has the added bonus of relieving stress, inducing a sense of relaxation also has noticeable health benefits.

Recent studies have shown that needling the surface of the skin increases collagen induction by a thousand!

By using TCM diagnosis techniques such as pulse/tongue diagnosis, facial diagnosis and questioning it is possible to identify and treat the major organ imbalances in the body that are causing and skin imperfections. In Chinese facial diagnosis, different lines, blemishes, and sagging on the face reflect degeneration in particular organs.

Wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face where there is an imbalance in the body. By treating the imbalances of the body a patient’s physical appearance and health improves. By inserting very fine, single use Japanese needles into the face and body a pleasant and relaxing sensation of Qi or energy is achieved by the needles. The needles are left for 25 minutes in place and then are removed. The face is massaged and needled to treat the external manifestation of the internal imbalance. The body is needled to directly treat the facial imperfections and internal organ disharmony.

All treatments are unique in cosmetic acupuncture as no two people have the same problem just like human DNA differs from person to person.

Herbal medicine is also prescribed specifically for the individual’s Cosmetic TCM diagnosis. The Chinese herbal medicine works synergistically with the prescribed acupuncture, alleviating disease patterns. The herbal medicine is used in conjunction with cosmetic acupuncture as it facilitates rapid, long lasting changes in the body. Results are seen much quicker when Chinese herbal medicine is combined with cosmetic acupuncture, needling.