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White Lotus takes a unique natural approach to the problems of hair treatment. In China traditional techniques such as skin needling and the use of Traditional Chinese herbal formulas have been used effectively for thousands of years to treat a variety of types of hair loss. This was combined with the use of silk pillow cases so the weakened hair is not ripped out by the texture of cotton during the night. These traditional techniques are effective against both male pattern baldness and female hair loss particularly post child birth

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To treat Hair loss we generally recommend a Dermastamp over a 1mm or 1.5mm roller as this allows the roller to still touch the skin through any hair that is present in the area. Recently these rollers have been the subject of a variety of scientific trials. Some of the results of these trials have been amazing. There is now evidence that the rollers can induct collagen by up to 1,000% in a single treatment (1). This is now often referred to as Collagen induction therapy or CIT, also hair mesotherapy. Interestingly it has also been shown that the rollers increase the absorption of liquids applied to the skin by up 10,000 times in a single treatment (2). This greatly increases the effectiveness of the Hair restoration spray. It can also present problems for other companies whose products are not all natural as any potential side effects of synthetic chemicals will be increased with increased absorption. Our Hair loss spray contains only natural plant based herbs in an organic alcohol base.


Hair Restoration Spray

Hair restoration spray
The Hair restoration Spray is a blend of 5 traditional Chinese herbal plants which have been used for centuries to effectively benefit hair loss. The herbs are infused in an organic ethanol base. These herbs help stimulate new hair growth in the area in a safe manner. All White Lotus products are approved by the Vegan society and are not tested on animals. The herbs have been tested on people in China for thousands of years and found to be effective and safe. There has also never been any evidence the Chinese herbs raise blood pressure or cause impotence unlike some of the synthetic products on the market.

The White lotus Hair Restoration Spray comes in 100mL spray bottles which last approximately 2 months and can assist the treatment of all types of hair loss.

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Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillow Case

Silk pillow cases have been used in China to assist the prevention of Hair loss for centuries. They work in a simple but ingenous way. The hair slides smoothly across the pillow case during the night so that no hair is ripped out. Anyone who has experienced hair loss will know that waking in the morning you will find a lot of hair on the pillow that has been pulled out by the abrasive nature of cotton. The silk pillow cases also decrease lines on the side of the face you sleep on. They do this by forming a moisture barrier so that all the moisture is not leached out of your skin over night. Many of you will have seen people who have far more wrinkles on the side of the head they sleep on. The silk pillow slips prevent this. They come in a variety of colours and a wonderful gift.

The silk pillow slips come singly or in pairs and fit standard size pillows.

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Hair Loss Pack:  

 Deluxe Hair Loss Starter Pack

This pack contains everything in the Hair Restoration starter pack and in addition contains a pearl grey silk pillow case and the Dermastamp cleaner. This is a complete pack for thise who want everything they can do to assist hair restoration. Both packs are considerably discounted over the price of the goods alone.

Hair Loss Pack

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White Lotus Hair Loss Products assist

• Male pattern baldness 
• Hair thinning 
• Brittle hair 
• Female hair loss 
• Post pregnancy thinning of hair 
• Other forms of hair loss 
Initial results can be expected in as little as 6 weeks.


Hair Care

For those interested in making simple changes to their diet to assist hair restoration and hair loss treatment we recommend the simplest and most effective thing you can do is to start drinking more high quality green tea. High Quality green tea has been scientifically proven to benefit all types of hair loss. (Suganuma M, Sueoka E, Sueoka N, Okabe S, Fujiki H. Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan).

1. Schwartz et al, 2006, internet paper. Abstract re ections about COLLAGEN-INDUCTION-THERAPY (CIT) A Hypothesis for the Mechanism of Action of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) using Micro-Needles; 1st edition February 2006. 2nd revision January 2007 Horst Liebl 

2. Henry, S. McAllister, D.V. Allen, M.G. Prausnitz, M.R. (1998). Microfabricated microneedles: a novel approach to transdermal drug delivery. J Pharm Sci. Aug87(8), 922-925. Orentreich, D.S. Orentreich, N. (1995). Subcutaneous incisionless (subcision) surgery for the correction of depressed scars and wrinkles. Dermatol Surg. Jun21(6). 543-549.