Scar Reduction Pack

Scar Reduction Skin needling Kit, hypoallergenic Skin Needling Roller and Dermastamp

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White Lotus Scar Reduction Pack-Biocompatible Polymer Roller and Stamp,Organic Scar Serum, Organic Facial Cleanser, and Roller Cleaner


  • Efficient – Did you know that skin needling, when done properly, can reduce scars up to a whopping 70%? This medical polymer roller – 0.5mm model – is used for treating scar tissue spread over bigger areas, while the 1.0 mm model is utilized to heal larger scars. It works marvelously for acne scars as well.
  • Regenerate cells – The skin needling roller is responsible for manufacturing collagen in order to maintain the natural collagen content in the skin. It breaks down the old misaligned collagen fibers of scarred skin and creates a new and smooth layer.
  • True value for money – This kit is not just reasonably priced, but is designed specifically by skin needling experts for drastically reducing scarring. You also get the exclusive instructional DVD covering procedures referred in our best selling book about holistic micro needling.
  • Totally natural – This kit is basically an all-inclusive treatment package for your skin using natural ingredients. The micro needling treatment creates the body's own natural collagen, which is further nurtured when you use the organic cleanser and serum after the treatment is complete.
  • Safe to use – To guarantee your safety, the White Lotus micro needle roller is made with biocompatible polymer and machine sterilized before packaging.


Don’t be conscious or embarrassed about scars anymore – we have the ideal treatment so you can bid adieu to them very soon.  The White Lotus Anti Aging Scar reduction Pack is designed to perform a wide variety of scar treatment.


Wide range of functions

The skin needling roller targets both hypertrophic (raised) and atrophic scars (depressed). Those who have ugly acne and pimple scars can utilize this product to reduce them up to 2 grades. The roller is used to treat a larger scar zone while the 1.0mm micro needle stamp can be used to target deeper problem scars. Apart from these, it can combat scars caused by c-sections and chicken pox.


Easy to use

Your skin is thoroughly purified with the organic micro needling cleanser, after which it is prepped for the procedure using pretreatment spray. The two micro needle devices can be used to vary intensity based on depth of scar tissue.  The natural roller cleaner prevents bacteria from developing on micro needles to remove the risk of infection.


Aftercare serum

This organic serum has green tea oil that speeds up healing and soothes the skin too. It also contains panax notoginseng and 4 other herbs to aid the scar repair. Camellia sinensis oil is present too, which can regenerate skin cells and don’t block pores, thereby preventing ugly breakouts.This pack provides everything you need so you can perform a complete scar tissue treatment at home, away from prying eyes. Sounds amazing, right? Place your order soon!

Contains: 1mm Dermastamp 0.5mm Biopolymer Skin Needling Roller 100ml Organic White Tea and Ginseng Cleanser 25ml Organic Scar Serum 50ml Natural Lotus Roller cleaner Holistic Microneedling DVD

Customer Reviews

Huge Improvement Review by Trisha
I brought this from the Uk store when they introduced it and I LOVE it as I wanted the polymer roller. Cannot tell you the improvemnt in the tone, texture of my skin. My skin also looks so much healthier and glows. I was hesitant to use the serum as I have used serums before and they often clog my pores and give me breakouts. I have had almost the opposite experience with the scar serum. I have not broke out for several months and fingers crossed think it is a thing of the past since I have started skin needling and applying the serum afterwards, it really is a wonderful concept and well thought out product. Love the polymer roller too, very nice to use. (Posted on 11/02/2017)
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