3 Unique Principles for White Lotus Skin Needling Treatments  White Lotus

3 Unique Principles for White Lotus Skin Needling Treatments

1st Principle: Strictly apply just Natural Substances in the process of Skin Needling treatments

Always ensure that do not use impure or diluted substances prior to, during and during micro needling treatments. Rather, these substances must be naturally originated.  Please note that we basically exclude stem cells, peptides, minerals or voluminous production of synthetic vitamin in this group.
Ideally, skin needling is very popular for its substantial increase in absorption of products via skin, thereby ensuring that we are fully conscious of the contents and quality of the absorption.

2nd Principle:  Application of the Least Invasive Micro Needling Approach to obtain the expected solution

It is instructive to state that this very principle determines your chosen needling length, the treatment duration as well as the methods applied for the treatment.
For embracing skin needling approach, the cosmetic sector has utilized its current beliefs and doctrines that inordinate impairment to skin can only be supported for momentary outcomes. Naturally speaking, the advancement in this behavior is the application of increasing invasive and harmful techniques in order to obtain faster result by all means.

For the purpose of creating all encompassing skin needling, we simply apply the fastest available needles while causing the least hurt realistically possible so as to obtain the expected solution.

In addition, we must apply a particular rolling technique in order to reduce whatever pain or adverse effect of such treatment to the barest minimum. Anything different from this could mean bringing avoidable loads or pressure on the resources within the body.

3rd Principle: Use the Precepts of Traditional Medicine for the Enhancement of Skin Needling Treatments 

Obviously the precepts of conventional medicine systems like Chinese Medicine were essentially packaged to function with the entire body. Hence, the moment too much pain is inflicted on one or more part of the body, the whole body feels the complication effect.

It is very easy to achieve the holistic approach towards micro needling as long as we make use of the hypothesis of Chinese Medicine together with acupuncture theory to advanced skin needling. With this, we have been offered that specific model we can work with, including the basis for the medications.

Finally, this primary ingredient ushers us alternative techniques for the application of skin needling in combination with natural components for therapeutic coupled with cosmetic objectives.

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