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Cosmetic Acupuncture Training Online

The cosmetic acupuncture online training is designed to mimic one of the White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture seminars.

To replicate this we have recorded detailed demonstrations of how to treat the major signs of aging your clients will present with along with an extremely detailed course book which will answer even the most technical question.

If after finishing the course you still have any questions then dedicated expert support is available ongoing to all graduates.

The online facial rejuvenation acupuncture training includes-

  • 15 detailed instructional videos
  • 24 illustrated guides
  • Facial Acupuncture Certification - Automatic certification of completion available on passing of the final exam.
  • Access to the White Lotus Wholesale Purchase and Affiliate Programs
  • Ongoing expert clinical support

All White Lotus courses are now taught on a dedicated training platform. This provides an enhanced learning experience that records your progress and allows instant feedback through interactive quizzes.

On checking out you will be directed to the White Lotus Institute to complete your enrolment. 

What does the Facial Acupuncture Training Course cover?

  1. The History of Cosmetic Acupuncture
  2. How Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Work From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Perspective
  3. Cosmetic Acupuncture Research
  4. Does Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture (FCA) increase Microcirculation and lymphatic drainage?
  5. Are Acupuncture Facelift Results Achieved through Collagen Induction?
  6. Research on Deeper Needling and Alternative Mechanisms of Action
  7. Subcision AKA Circling the Dragon
  8. The Cosmetic Acupuncture Marketplace
  9. Cosmetic Acupuncture Benefits and Therapeutic Claims in Advertising Issues
  10. Ethics
  11. Preparing the Clinic Space
  12. Packages of Treatment and Treatment Timing
  13. Key Cautions and Contra indications for Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
  14. Pretreatment Advice for the Client
  15. Post Treatment Procedure
  16. Traditional Chinese Facial Diagnosis of the Colours of the face
  17. Traditional Chinese Facial Diagnosis of the Regions of the Face and the Significance of Lines and Blemishes in these areas
  18. Guiding Principles of Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture Needling
  19. Cosmetic Acupuncture Needles
  20. Needle Retention Times
  21. Threading Technique
  22. Subscision
  23. Lifting and Pinning Technique
  24. Intradermal Acupuncture Needles
  25. Lip Enhancement
  26. Distal Point Selection
  27. The Influence of Skin Colour on Needling Depth
  28. Chinese Medicine Pattern Differentiation and Constitutional Treatment for Wrinkles, Sagging Skin, Scars, Acne and Vitiligo    
  29. How to Treat Sagging Neck and Neck Lines
  30. How to Treat Sagging Cheeks
  31. How to Treat Marionette Lines (vertical lines from the chin to the corner of the mouth)
  32. How to Treat Mouth Frown Lines (Vertical lines next to the mouth)
  33. How to Treat Nasolabial Folds (The corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth the mouth)
  34. How to Treat Vertical Lip Lines (Vertical lines above and below the mouth)
  35. How to Treat Horizontal Lines Below the Eye
  36. How to Treat Bags Below the Eyes
  37. How to Treat Crow’s Feet
  38. How to Treat Horizontal lines on the Bridge of the Nose
  39. How to Treat Frown Lines (Vertical Lines Between the Eyebrows)
  40. How to Treat Drooping Eyelids
  41. How to Treat Forehead Lines (Horizontal Lines Across the Forehead)
  42. Why Use Complementary Treatments?
  43. When to Use Complementary Treatments?
  44. Acupressure
  45. Jade Rollers
  46. Jade Gua Sha
  47. Cosmetic Cupping
  48. Micro-needle Rollers
  49. Traditional External Application of Chinese Herbs
  50. Taking Cosmetic Acupuncture Before and After Photos
  51. Facial Acupuncture Points Explanation


Who is the Cosmetic Acupuncture Online course for?

Qualified acupuncturists and students will gain the maximum benefit from the training.

White Lotus also offers a cosmetic dry needling course. Please follow the link for a handy chart explaining the differences between cosmetic dry needling training and cosmetic acupuncture training.

CPE and Course Accreditation

Please see the Technical Specs for a full list of Associations offering PDA/ CPD points for the course.

Why Acupuncture Training Online?

By making the facial rejuvenation training instantly available online it is hoped far more students will be able to access the facial acupuncture training allowing more customers to benefit from these wonderful techniques.

The internet is allowing us to no longer only access “cosmetic acupuncture training near me” and we can instead provide full video and written training notes instantly whether you are looking for acupuncture training NZ, cosmetic acupuncture training courses UK, cosmetic acupuncture training Australia or facial acupuncture classes in the USA or Canada

To support this online learning White Lotus provide dedicated ongoing expert support to all of our students. This means you always have expert back up when that difficult case arrives and you need some help to get the best possible results for your clients.

About the Authors

It has been 13 years since the innovative White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture clinic first featured on national television helping to bring cosmetic acupuncture to the attention of the world.

Since that time Anthony and Kamila have practiced and taught the techniques throughout the world across 4 continents.

The White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture online training is the result of this diverse and inspired facial rejuvenation training.

The course can be accessed instantly allowing you to start learning right now.

The course can be accessed instantly on purchase and is available everywhere 24 hours a day

It includes
14 Individual videos demonstrating how to treat the major cosmetic issues of the face and neck
24 illustrated guides
Certificate of Completion on request.

CPE and Course Accreditation

Professional associations recognise the quality of the White Lotus courses and are happy to allocate CPD or CPE points.

Please see a list below of the Associations recognising this course. Is your association not on the list? Please contact us and we will contact the association for you.

Please note the terms CPE and CPD are used interchangeably in the lists below.

On completion of the course please contact us for your certificate to claim your CPE points.

ANTA - 12 CPE Points
ATMS - 12 CPE Points
AACMA - 12 CPE Points

Acupuncture NZ - 12 CPD Points

Please note the British Acupuncture Council does not currently require the completion of CPE points

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