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Best dropshipping suppliers Australia

If you are looking for a reliable partner to source your website products from. The White Lotus Award winning range of products available on Syncee. Shipped daily in Australia with tracking and fantastic customer service.

dropshipping suppliers Sydney

Best dropshipping suppliers Australia

Our warehouse is in Sydney and we pick and pack orders and ship the same day before our 12pm cutoff. All orders are sent by Australia Post E parcel and are traceable. Most products arrive in 1- 3 days of ordering with the exception of regional areas and WA.

If you are looking for a local Australian Business who has been supplying products for 15 years, look no further than White Lotus, we have over 3000 x 5 star reviews and celebrity endorsements and have appeared in the media consistently since 2008. You can learn more about us

eco friendly dropshipping suppliers Australia

At White Lotus we are proudly plastic positive (most companies are plastic neutral). We also offer carbon offset at checkout and remove thousands of KG'S of plastic from the sea every year via clean hub.

We have won multiple awards for our uniquely organic, vegan and cruelty free products as well as our chemical free crystal range. Our products are PETA certified and the topical products are manufactured in Australia ( previously in the UK).

If you want to partner with a business that is genuinely environmentally friendly, join the drop shipping club at white lotus. You can read about more our sustainable beauty policies.

High ticket dropshipping products

If you are looking to get a decent margin for your efforts as a drop shipping business you can see that our products are top quality and you will get a healthy 30% margin on each sale excluding shipping.

Most drop shippers offer from 10-30% margins, it sounds ok until you look into the price of the product sold. Unless it is a very fast moving good, it would take an enormous amount of sales to turn a good profit on a $5 item.

The cheapest physical product is $20 and ranges above $200. You can view the product range to see for yourself.

australian dropshipping suppliers shopify

How to join the White Lotus drop shipping program if you have a shopify store and are based in Australia:

You can join in a few minutes by jumping onto Syncee and creating an account if you don’t already have one. Connect your eCommerce store and simply add the products to your shopify or bigcommerce store  (there are more stores Syncee integrates with)

The retail price and margin, shipping rate are already set. As soon as someone orders, we will get the order at the Sydney Warehouse and ship directly to the customer and provide you tracking and you will get your 30% commission.

We also have physical books if you are looking at drop shipping books and are best selling authors on amazon.

dropshipping dos and don'ts

If you are new to the world of ecommerce or simply the concept of drop-shipping. Here are some tips that you may not have considered when deciding to start your journey.

What do you need to start a drop shipping business?:

  • A website
  • Payment facility to take payments
  • Suppliers of good quality in demand products
  • A way to market your offering in order to achieve sales

do you need a credit card for dropshipping

Yes! you need a credit card for:

  • Your Ecommerce Store subscription plan
  • Any apps you choose to use
  • Marketing software like email marketing
  • Adverts if you choose to run any on social media or google ads

You will definitely need to have a way to pay for your shopify or ecommerce store subscription and any apps that you use. Most stores use a number of paid and free apps including drop shipping apps.

If you are unsure why you should be paying for an app to connect to a supplier or marketplace of suppliers simply consider that you need to be able to easily and quickly add products to your store from a supplier. It will save you so much time, energy and money.

When you receive an order you also need to know that it has been sent to your supplier so that they can fulfill the order promptly. This will be discussed a bit further on in detail.

do i need an abn for dropshipping in Australia

The simple answer is yes, if you are in business you need to apply for an abn even if you are a sole trader. If you are new to self employment it would be useful to get some advice before starting so that you are aware of all of your responsibilities.

Abn for dropshipping

To apply for an abn you can go to the Australian business register. It will give you all the details that you need in regards to the process and what you will need to do once you have applied.

According to the Australian Business Register you need to apply for an ABN when:

  • You are carrying on a business or starting a business
  • When you are selling services or products
  • If you plan to make a profit ( which is definitely your intention)
  • All of your activity is planned, repeatable and organised

You can read the full definitions on their website but basically if you “appear” to be behaving like a business from the above actions, then you need to have an abn.

Drop Shipping Tax in Australia

This then leads naturally to the question, do I need to register for GST as a drop shipper?

The simple answer is:

  • When your business gets to $75,000 in GST turnover then you need to apply for GST.
  • You don’t need to apply for gst if you earn 0-$74,000

Registering for GST is an easy process and your accountant or book keeper can do this for you or you can do it yourself. It is a sign your business is maturing and becoming real, so as much you may not like the thought, it is reassuring to know your business is on the up.

You can also use accounting software that easily integrates with your ecommerce store like xero to make the process of reporting easy.

Dropshipping websites

When you are looking for drop shipping websites there are many factors you should keep in mind.

Some subscription plans look cheaper than others but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ease of use, if you are not technically minded going with a user friendly ecommerce platform will save you hours
  • Ability to connect to software easily with loads of integration and readily available apps
  • Reliable check out and hosting, you don’t want your checkout going down frequently!
  • SEO friendly design templates that you can load and also update the look and feel of your store for great UX (user experience).
  • Easy navigation throughout the site with logical menus and product categories.
  • Ability to add multiple currencies and also internationalise your store. This may seem like a big leap but being on a platform that will allow you to grow rapidly in different ways is easier than having to migrate to a different platform in future,
  • We are personally big advocates of Shopify, it is definitely the gold standard in the industry at the moment and ahead of innovations as ecommerce evolves. It is also very easy to get developers when needed at a reasonable price. The more custom you go the more costly and limited are your options in every way from hiring help to integrating with other software, it ends up being more costly and time consuming in the long run.
  • Great checkout- This is an absolute no brainer if you cannot get them to checkout in a couple of clicks with good payment options that are appealing, there is no point having a website because you won’t convert them into customers.

Dropshipping tips

In order to succeed in drop shipping, you need to have a great website and select a great range of quality made products. There is no point setting up a store full of cheap and tacky items that break.

Things to keep in mind when sourcing drop-shipping products:

  • Who is the manufacturer- It may sound like an obvious one but if your entire business is going to be sourced from overseas make sure you find out where they are located and how long they have been in business.
  • Samples- ensure you get a sample of the product or range so you can check the quality control and packaging of the supplier to see it meets quality standards. You don’t want to add products to your store and get complaints from customers that the product is faulty or just very poor standard. You would expect in this day and age that this is irrelevant but we have seen people order from China for example and have an entire batch of faulty products that they had to refund orders to. When it is you that may have to do this and your reputation is on the line, take care.
  • Does the product have any therapeutic claims? This means is it making any health claims like this product “cures baldness”. Making therapeutic claims will get you in a lot of trouble with google and your local authorities. Your website can indeed be taken down so take care to again choose a trusted supplier that knows how to advertise their products correctly and appropriately if they are in the health and beauty category.
  • Does the product have anything outstanding about it? Again it may seem obvious but when you are marketing your range, you want to be able to state every benefit it may have, the more the merrier in order to get a sale. If you would not buy the product yourself then why would you sell it?
  • Is the product in demand? There are many consumable items that are always needed. You can also find a niche of products that people always need and serve those customers.
  • Beware of suppliers that don’t set recommended retail prices and monitor the quality of their drop shippers. This is especially important if you plan to sell on market places (this will be covered later on).
  • Margins, yes this seems like a drag to think of this but you need to set yourself up for success from the outset. You need to take into account your basic costs to run the business and ensure the margin you get from selling the product covers it. Here are some basic expenses to consider:
    • Website Hosting
    • Account/book keeping fees
    • Advertising / Marketing costs
    • Your time = wage ( many forget this)
    • Software or app costs
    • Sourcing costs
    • Website maintenance costs
    • Bank fees and charges
    • Utility bills- including internet and mobile bills
    • Office/ work space
    • Contractor fees for any help you need
  • Is the product readily available? This is a massive one since COVID. Supply chain issues are still being felt around the world as well as a shortage of materials. Sourcing from ASIA can be particularly problematic in these cases.
  • Shipping time to the customer- Many drop shipping sites have extremely long ship times, meaning poor customer service particularly if they are outside of Australia. Make sure you find out before going through the commissary of having angry customers who want refunds because their order did not arrive.
  • Competition, now it is ok to be competitive but you don’t want to sell a product where you are competing to sell it for less than you can afford to.  If you are having to do this, you have lost your margin and are in danger of losing money. You are in business to make money not to lose it, an unprofitable business is not worth running.

how to dropship on amazon without money

We see these questions and blogs coming up all the time and it actually makes us cringe. If it sounds too good to be true……

Yes technically you can buy amazon software to tell you what the best generic products to sell are and find a drop shipper in china to send the product to them but you are at great risk of being nothing than a very poor middle man.

Without being a well rated store the only way you will get sales is via price and this means you are at the race to the bottom.

We have sold on amazon for many years as a brand and have seen so many new waves of drop shippers come on and be priced out of the market. The amazon fees to sell are high as well as monthly subscription. Drop shippers tend to get squeezed from both ends (from amazon) and the pricing they need to achieve to get a sale if they are an unrated store.

Also when an item tends to be popular you will have more and more competition appearing and out bidding you, someone out there IS happy to make a couple of dollars as a hobby business at home. Be very wary of going down this path.

Selling on amazon does cost you money in fees, and their plan. You may even have to advertise, and then there goes your margin. Your store can also be closed due to poor ratings or feedback overnight without any appeal rights or your product can be suspended due to robot updates.

The only way to make money on amazon for free is to become an amazon affiliate and that is another story. The same applies equally to dropshippers on ebay and dropshipping on catch or Etsy.

dropshipping course Australia

There are lots of prefabricated websites also sold with ready to go products and you can also take a course on how to drop ship. Again just be careful that you do your research as many people are jumping on the eCommerce train in search of quick cash and easy money. Building a loyal customer base and a great product range can take a great deal of time or energy as you appreciate any traditional bricks and mortar store does, e commerce is the same. There are many tactics you can use that can help you succeed but be certain to avoid the obvious pitfalls like if it sounds too good to be true. We were recently at Retail Fest 23 on the Gold Coast and were surprised to see that the percentage of wannabe ecommerce owners far out weighed established businesses, in fact they packed a hall with "how to start an ecomm" workshops.…

dropshipping companies australia

In summary we hope this introduction to all things drop shipping has been very helpful to you and you can start to make a strategic plan in order to create a profitable business of your own.

If you have any questions about our drop shipping program please reach out to us. We also have wholesale accounts for those of you that would like a higher margin with a minimum order amount.

Kamila and Anthony (The founders of White Lotus) offer eCommerce consulting and help Australian E commerce businesses every day.

Good look on your venture!

From the White Lotus Team x