Acupressure Mats

Made in Europe to European standards this acupressure mat has won best acupressure mat in Germany 4 times. Over 15,000 have been sold and it comes with a unique 5-year guarantee.

5 products

5 products

The Euromat allows you to easily and effectively stimulate all the body’s acupressure points at home.
The idea for the Euromat originates in ancient China and India.
In China they were roughly translated as acupressure mats and in India as a bed of nails. They were used to stimulate the acupressure points of the whole body to improve health and well-being.

Accupressure is known to stimulate the body’s endorphins providing a regulating effect on many of the body’s organs. Acupressure massage has become a popular treatment in its own right and is often modelled on a traditional acupuncture treatment. 

The beauty of the Euromat is that it allows you to achieve these results at home simply by lying on the mat. An affordable and relaxing alternative!

How does the Acupressure mat work?

The Euromat is covered with small plastic spikes that directly stimulate acupressure points on the back or other areas of skin to which it is applied.

Acupressure mats were widely used and research in Russia during the 1970s. More recently their effects were examined in a study in the USA (1). Some of the key findings are listed below

Of the 126 participants – 

98% experienced pain relief
96% reported relaxation
94% reported an improvement in sleep
81% reported increased energy levels

The Euromat

White Lotus now introduces the Euromat exclusively to White Lotus.

The Euromat is the only mat completely designed and hand-made in Europe.

Unlike mats made in Asia the Euromat is – 

Large - To accommodate large backs.

Safe - It uses food grade plastic rather than ABS as the plastic comes in contact with the skin. No potentially toxic glues are required and non-allergenic dye is used.

Practical - The unique Velcro straps allow the mat to be easily applied to all parts of the body and conveniently packed for travel.

Comfortable – The Euromat uses the unique patented memory foam.

Ethical – All materials are sourced in the EU, made with fairly paid labour and the materials possess ‘Confidence in textiles’ certificates.

Please follow the link to learn more about the Euromat.


  1. Zilberter, T. & Roman, J. (1999). Reflexo-Therapy With Mechanical Skin Stimulation: Pilot Study, Community Wholistic Health Center, Carrboro, North Carolina, Presented at the International Symposium on Integrative Medicine, May 26-28, 1999, Omega Institute, NY.