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Chinese Face Reading Course Online

Chinese face reading also known as Mien Shiang has been used for over 2,000 years to to reveal character traits, internal health and even predict future events. In the ancient Chinese courts your face helped determine your status and position. It was considered much more reliable than your voice as it cannot lie.

It can be used to steer your life in the right direction. Whether you apply your Face Reading training at work to understand what makes people tick, employ people, are looking for a suitable partner or simply just want to learn more about yourself you will find this a useful step by step guide.

Face Reading in Chinese Medicine can show you -

  • Whether you can accumulate property and real estate?
  • Your relationships with your partner, children, parents and siblings?
  • Whether you will travel extensively in your life?
  • What your money earning potential is?
  • How you make decisions and why?
  • Insight and directions on how to improve your life?

The White Lotus Chinese Face Reading Workshop brings together the authors combined 40 years of training and practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and Face Reading in Chinese Medicine. Face reading and Chinese astrology are considered connected in Ancient Chinese Medicine. This course focuses on all the traditional understanding with modern examples.

What Does the Chinese Face Reading Training Include?

  • Full colour 32 page Course Book of Face reading techniques with images for you to practice on
  • Instantly streamable amazing online video explaining all the different facial features, how to recognise them and what they mean
  • Free ongoing expert support to help you continue your studies
  • Face Reading Certification

All White Lotus courses are now taught on a dedicated training platform. This provides an enhanced learning experience that records your progress and allows instant feedback through interactive quizzes.

On checking out you will be directed to the White Lotus Institute to complete your enrolment. 

What is Covered in this Amazing Face Reading Training?

  • The Three Sections of the Face - Gain an understanding of your strongest traits be they intellectual, practical or sensitivity/intuition
  • The 100 Year Map or Chinese Face Reading Chart - Starting with your ears there is a point on your face for every year of your life including the years yet to be lived! Understand the meaning of scars or blemishes on points which can cause issues in your life at these junctures.
  • The Central Column - Understand why the ancient Chinese believed this was the direct pathway by which energy flowed between heaven and earth and why obstructions in this area caused such difficulty
  • Facial Symmetry - Learn what this reflects about your life path and your health
  • Zones of the Face - The face has specific zones that relate to travel, career, parents, family, property, marriage, children, wealth, social standing, employee/er relationships. Learn how to recognise these zones in yourself and your loved ones to better understand your desires and what you need to live a fulfilling life.
  • Features on the Face - Have a particularly distinct feature on your face you always wondered what it meant? Learn about Chinese face reading eyebrows, Chinese face reading chin, face reading nose bridge, face reading cheek bones, face reading mole, face shape reading, how to read face lines and what do big eyes mean in face reading?
  • The 5 Element Faces - All faces are divided into one of the 5 elements. Learn how to recognise each face type with real examples and what this means for you

Learn which 5 Element Face Type you are?

  • Metal Face – Example Naomi Campbell
  • Water Face – Examples Liam Neeson & Michael Gambon
  • Wood Face – Example Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
  • Fire Face – Examples Audrey Tautou & Christina Ricci
  • Earth Face – Examples Dawn French & Oprah Winfrey

Who Is the Chinese Face Reading Online Course For?

This course can be used by anyone to reveal our internal feelings and health. Frequent interviewers for example, find Chinese physiognomy face reading useful at helping them quickly guage an individual’s personality. Your face is like a window to your internal well-being and it’s possible for lines on the face to reveal past or present health issues.

Acupuncturists and other therapists also find learning how to do Chinese face reading especially useful as it allows a deeper understanding of your clients motivations and issues.

CPE and Course Accreditation

Please see the Technical Specs for a full list of Associations offering CPD points for the course.

About the Authors

Anthony and Kamila studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for 4 years in Sydney before continuing their studies in China, Malaysia and Singapore.

On returning to Australia they opened the first specialist Cosmetic Skin needling clinic in Australia to showcase the best ancient beauty techniques of the Far East.

The secrets of face reading have been part of the clinic from the beginning helping to diagnose and understand their clients.

They have demonstrated their innovative techniques on National Television and have been invited to teach their courses across 4 continents.

They are also authors of the the Traditional Chinese Face Reading Book as well as 3 other books and online courses.

What are you waiting for discover the power of face reading now!

32 page full colour online booklet including 26 full colour photo examples

Instantly downloadable video content

Watch on your phone or any device anywhere anytime

CPE and Course Accreditation

Professional associations recognise the quality of the White Lotus courses and are happy to allocate CPD or CPE points.

Please see a list below of the Associations recognising this course. Is your association not on the list? Please contact us and we will contact the association for you.

Please note the terms CPE and CPD are used interchangeably in the lists below.

On completion of the course please contact us for your certificate to claim your CPE points.

ANTA - 8 CPE Points
ATMS - 8 CPE Points
AACMA - 8 CPE Points

Acupuncture NZ - 8 CPD Points

Please note the British Acupuncture Council does not currently require the completion of CPE points

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