Skin Needling

Since 2003 White Lotus has stocked the highest quality skin-needling tools. The derma rollers are metal free for sensitive skin and guaranteed to last a year. Created by the authors of the best-selling book Holistic Microneedling, over 14,000 have been sold.

    14 products

    14 products

    The Lotus Roller

    The Trademarked Lotus Roller is a unique product designed by therapists for therapists. To meet these requirements it must pass the most stringent testing of both quality and sterility. Now clinical quality products are available to provide skin needling at home!

    The Lotus Roller skin needling roller is

    •    Hypoallergenic manufactured from a unique Bio polymer making it the only Nickel free microneedle roller.
    •    Sold machine assembled- for your piece of mind
    •    Provided in tamper evident packaging
    •    Lasts over a year unlike cheap imitations

    Does Skin Needling Work?

    Skin Needling has been the subject of extensive research in Europe and the USA. Trials have shown that
    1.    A single treatment can produce up to a 1,000% increase in collagen production (1)
    2.    A single use can increase the absorption of products through the skin by up to 1,000 times (2).

    White Lotus Unique Skin Needling

    White Lotus teaches a natural form of skin needling based on the principles of oriental medicine. White Lotus fuses the strong scientific results produced by skin needling with this unique Asian philosophy to minimise side-effects and ensure the treatments work with the body rather than against it. 

    This can be seen in a number of ways
    1.    Always using natural, organic products with the treatments to enhance results and minimise side effects.
    2.    Using the shortest needle size that will provide results. 
    3.    Applying our unique techniques which are based on the principles of acupuncture and have allowed us to advertise painless treatments based on the responses of 71 course attendees.

    Skin Needling Results 

    Please view our Skin Needling Before and after photo page to see examples of skin needling results without side effect commonly associated with skin needling treatment.

    Benefits of Skin Needling

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