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Benefits of using colloidal silver

In ancient times silver coins were placed in water to keep it pure that is because it is known as to prevent illnesses and infections caused by bacteria. In the olden days people who ate in silver dishes were likely to fall ill less than those who ate in earthen utensils. Silver was also used to dress wounds so that they healed faster.

Kills all bacteria

A number of scientific studies have shown that colloidal silver kills bacteria very quickly. It doesn’t just kill only a single type of bacteria but even virus and fungus that too quite quickly. Once the organisms are killed they will not grow back again as long as there are even minute traces of colloidal silver. Therefore one of the best uses of colloidal silver is as a disinfectant.

Works on resistant bacteria

There are a lot of people who use colloidal silver as an antiseptic because it even works on those strains of bacteria that have grown resistant. On the other hand there are pathogens that grow resistant to other disinfectants and surge out in new forms but not with colloidal silver. This is the reason that special products have been developed using silver such as for cleaning skincare tools like derma stamps and micro-needling rollers.

Safe and effective cleaner

Since this is a natural product it can disinfect roller cleaners quite safely at home. Derma rollers and stamps are repeatedly used to make punctures in the skin, they have very fine needles. Since colloidal silver ensures that 99.9% bacteria is killed and does not grow back it is a good way to sanitize these devices with cleaners made of colloidal silver. They are made from 99.999% colloidal silver suspended in distilled water and is 25ppm. This kind of solution has been used for centuries to clean instruments and equipment. Also hospitals still use silver ions to disinfect instruments that are used in surgery. It is used on bandages for dressing wounds so that there is no infection.

Hygienically clean

Anything that needs to be disinfected and kept hygienic can be done so with silver colloidal cleaner. Besides using it on the derma roller between treatments you can use the solution on the Euro mat or anything else that has multiple users. Just a few drops will disinfect your pets also so that their skin and hair remains clean. The natural cleaner made with colloidal silver keeps devices is hygienic so you are also safe.

Other uses of colloidal silver

Besides keeping the skin healthy colloidal silver is also effectively used against colds, influenza, pink infections of the eye and ear but for that you have to use the drops in the appropriate measure. Colloidal silver works on all pathogens so it is not designed for any one specific bacteria, fungus or virus. It works as an effective preventative agent. Parasite eggs also don’t survive so silver is powerful and removes all infestations. Moreover, colloidal silver have a history of continuous safe usage and is natural and not chemically composed.

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