Wellness: More Than Just Health Nut Mumbo Jumbo  White Lotus

Wellness: More Than Just Health Nut Mumbo Jumbo

So what is this word that seems to have popped up out of nowhere? Of course, the term ‘wellness’ has been around almost forever. But the word is being used in a slightly different way than in the traditional sense. Wellness is the maximization one’s potential to be healthy. What that basically boils down to is just being as healthy as humanly possible. By being aware of the food and substances that we put into our bodies, we put ourselves in a much better position to make healthy choices. Likewise, what we do physically on a daily basis has a significant impact on well-being. Wellness is about being more aware and cognizant about the choices we make regarding our health and the world is becoming more aware about this issue.

Physical wellness is about keeping the body as close to its optimal condition as possible. This is done through physical conditioning through exercise and healthy eating habits. The wellness movement is about self-educating and continually building on new information. It’s a way to hold oneself accountable and take responsibility for one’s health, rather than just relying entirely on the information that we get from the doctor once a year. Wellness is not just about engaging in healthy activity every once in a while. It’s about forming healthy habits that become part of us and result in the healthier functioning of the body.

Wellness is centered around making good decisions and keeping the body as healthy as possible. But it about so much more than that. Wellness is just as much about psychological well-being as it is about physical well-being. The good news is that psychological well-being is directly linked to physical health. When our body feels good, our minds feel good as well. But there are also many strategies that can be used to directly work on psychological health. These strategies are gaining more acceptance on a worldwide scale. Some psychological strategies to improve the state of the mind include meditation and therapy.

It may sound obvious, but people who practice responsible wellness techniques have been shown to be less likely to come down with illnesses. Overall well-being leads to a better functioning immune system. When we have stronger immune systems, we are happier and more productive. It’s a positive cycle that has numerous benefits for all aspects of our lives.

Wellness is sometimes seen as a controversial subject. It is called an “alternative medicine”. And it is an alternative medicine. But why is it considered an alternative medicine and does that mean it’s less legitimate than traditional medicine? Well, first off, it’s nonsense to suggest that wellness is somehow less legitimate just because it’s an alternative medicine. It’s an alternative medicine because it’s a revolutionary change in the way people approach health. And when you have such large changes in a serious subject such as health, people resist that change. Wellness has been a long time coming because it forces us to take responsibility for ourselves and how we treat our bodies. It’s a move in the right direction and it’s something that will only grow larger from here.

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