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Skin Needling Training Testimonials

"This was an excellent course. Very professional and scientifically based. Your practical knowledge and experience you passed on was excellent. Thank you."
Michelle Starr, Australia

"Extremely happy with the White Lotus training. Anthony’s knowledge is fantastic and I feel really confident to practice these techniques. I would absolutely recommend this course. Thank you!"
Asha, Victoria, Australia

"Every anti aging therapist should do this course"
Raymond Lee, Australia

'White Lotus is the only company I trust for skin needling. Their philosophy, technique and professionalism is second to none."
Evie, Victoria, Australia

“I wanted to share my results and success with using the White Lotus Dermal Roller.  When I decided to introduce Dermal Rolling into our centre I went on a 2 week investigation, calling all the Dermal Rolling distributors in Australia.  I didn't know White Lotus existed at this point.  Thank goodness for my extensive knowledge I gained from the questions I had to ask the 9 other companies.  White Lotus were the ones that could answer all my questions from why they administer a medical grade roller for home care, the thickness of the needles, what is the purpose and effects of numbing the skin whilst performing C.I.T. I had faith in the fact they are an acupuncture based clinic and assumed they would have a much deeper understanding of the technicalities and skill required in this modality. 
I love the quality of their rollers, the gauge (thickness of the needles) is .3mm, it won’t buckle as a lot of other brands do and they last.  The price is so affordable and so reasonable for a great quality roller.  The training I under took with White Lotus was so through, professional and informative.  I felt so comfortable and confident to be able to go and perform treatments on my clients soon after.  I also appreciate that I can ring anytime if I have an enquiry or need to go through a procedure and know that they are so willing and obliging to give me support and assistance.
I would strongly recommend White Lotus If you are a therapist or a someone wanting to start Dermal Rolling........”
Naomi Nahoum, Human Nurture, Australia