All About Clear Quartz Crystal  White Lotus

All About Clear Quartz Crystal

Physical properties of Clear Quartz

Also called ‘rock crystal’, Clear quartz contains a mixture of silicon and oxygen and has a chemical formula of SiO2. With a rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, it is difficult to cut.

More common than other precious gems like Amethyst or rose quartz, clear quartz can be found on all continents. Quartz was used in sculptures and amulets across Europe and middle East, despite the fact that jade was the most precious and adored gem around the same time in the Far East.

The History and Legends of Clear Quartz

Known to the ancient Greeks as ‘krustallos’ meaning ‘ice cold’ since they believed that clear quartz was a form of permanent ice and would never break (1).

As a result of its wide scale presence, it is include in myth and legends of many cultures. The word for clear quartz in Japanese loosely translated means ‘perfect jewel’ as they believed it signified space, purity and patience.

One of the myths in both Australia and South America involves a cosmic serpent, the creator of life, led by a clear quartz crystal. Clear quartz is also the substances identified as ‘Maban’ in the Australian Abotinal mythology. Maban is the substance that elders and Shamans drew their powers from (2).

In some cultures in South and Central America quartz is seen as a vessel, as was used as an urn to channel spirits of their ancestors. This is how the practice of carving crystals into skull as talismans, was originated.

The Scots and Irish carved quartz into spheres and used them for healing. This tradition is still in effect today as fortune tellers use crystal balls.

Modern Uses of Clear Quartz

Quartz is used frequently today in the making of watches, mobile phones, tablets, chip radio transmitters and many other circuitry.

This is owing to its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties which means that it can transform mechanical heat or energy into electromagnetic energy. Its ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy is evident throughout our modern technology.

Healing and Spiritual uses of Clear Quartz

Thanks to its ability to transform energy, Clear Quartz has been considered to be a master healing crystal. It is thought to amplify the energy inserted into it by a person. Thus it is used in meditation places to amplify the clarity of the mind.

It is thought to aid concentration, memory retention and filter out distractions. Believed to improve sleep and relaxation, it is often used to assist with headaches, exhaustion and issues with metabolism.Some people even believe it can filter out radiation, which would be welcome in our age of technology.

Clear Quartz Rollers, Gua Sha and Clear Quartz Crystal Combs

More difficult to cut than jade or tourmaline, Clear quartz is as difficult to cut as rose quartz. It is not too hard to find, but getting a piece that can fit into large items like crystal combs can be difficult.
Thus, some producers treat quarts with chemicals to make it easier to cut, reducing expenses, and may also enhance the color.

This treatment alters the composition of Clear Quartz and thus, removes any spiritual or healing properties that a person could hope to attain from a Clear Quartz jewelry.
When buying, it is best to choose one that you feel connected to, as clear quartz can help you clarify your mind and focus your intent to achieve a set goal.

All White Lotus crystal beauty tools are hand carved from A-grade non-chemically treated crystal and can last you for a lifetime.

It is important when purchasing a crystal product to buy the best quality you can find because a well looked after clear quartz gem will last a lifetime.

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