Skin Needling

How often should I perform skin needling?

The roller or dermastamp should be used once every 2 weeks. 

When skin needling is performed as part of the healing process a group of enzymes called collegenease are created to break down old and misaligned collagen. 

This group of enzymes peak every 2 weeks and then decrease. It makes sense to wait until after this group of enzymes have peaked before performing a new treatment to further increase collagen production.

Performing treatments this often is ideal for  0.5mm or 1.0mm needle length performed on the face or a 1.0mm on the body using the White Lotus techniques.

If using longer needles or more aggressive techniques then you may need to wait longer until all signs of inflammation have passed.

Which Microneedle length should I use?

Needle Length
Aftercare Serum
Light Anti Aging - Facial Treatment
0.5mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Anti Aging Aftercare Serum
Hands, Neck and Decolletage
1.0mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Anti Aging Aftercare Serum
1.0mm Lotus Roller or 1.0mm dermastamp
White Lotus Scar Aftercare Serum
Striae (Stretch Marks)
1.0mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Stretch Mark and Cellulite Aftercare Serum
1.0mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Stretch Mark and Cellulite Aftercare Serum
Hair Restoration
1.0mm dermastamp
Not required

Can I use vitamin A when performing skin needling?

We do not recommend the use of any form of vitamin A application with skin needling.

The reason for this is that the main side effects of skin needling are dry skin, inflamed skin and photo sensitivity. These are also the main side effects of vitamin A use.

If you use both of them together you end up with very dry, inflamed and photosensitive

In fact despite some advertising claims there is no research to show that vitamin A
improves the effect of skin needling.

In preference we recommend natural serums which nourish your skin throughout the skin needling process allowing you to increase collagen production in comfort.

Do you need numbing cream?

No we do not recommend it. By using the correct micro needle length and intelligent rolling techniques numbing cream can be easily avoided.

In fact several years ago we performed a survey of recent students at one of Anthonys skin needling courses. The results showed that of the 70 students surveyed 100% responded and 91% of these students agreed that treatments done with the White Lotus techniques are not painful.

What to expect following a treatment?

a. Immediately after the treatment skin will feel warn possibly slightly tender and will feel

tighter across the face.

b. If using a 0.5mm or 1.0mm roller inflammation will last up to 24 hours in most cases.

c. Direct sunlight is best avoided for this period an preferably a week after treatment.

d. The skin can feel very dry during this period and it is best to use the appropriate White Lotus aftercare serum twice a day during this period.

e. The increase in collagen production will begin around 48 hours after treatment and results will continue to improve for 3-12 months after treatment as a whole new collagen matrix is formed.

f. New collagen created will last for between 5-7 years.

Can you use skin needling during pregnancy and breast feeding?

Pregnant or breast feeding women can perform skin needling.

In these cases it is best to perform dry skin needling which means no products are used on the skin being needled during and for at least 8 hours after treatment.

This avoids any increased absorption of all products including your normal beauty regime from the treatment.

Can you use the derma roller under the eyes?

Yes this can be performed very easily and safely.

Simply use the other hand to draw the skin from around the eyes down onto the bone below the eye socket. This skin can then be roller across easily and safely.

Never roll into the eye socket as suggested on some less responsible instructions!

How much Pressure should I use when rolling.

When teaching these techniques we suggest light pressure.

Good sharp needles should pass easily through the skin without excessive pressure being required.

To check that the pressure you are using is correct check that the roller is very slightly depressing the skin but not pushing deep as though pushing towards the bone.

How do you clean the Dermaroller?

The simplest way to clean the roller is described below.

Remember this only disinfects the roller for use on the same person. It is not currently possible to re sterilise a roller despite some misinformed claims so rollers should never be shared with another person.

a. Rinse the roller in running water quickly.

b. Spray the roller with the Lotus Roller cleaner containing colloidal silver to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

c. Place the roller back in the case without letting it contact anything else.

d. Spray the roller again before the next treatment

How long will the Hypoallergenic Polymer Rollers last?

With normal use they will last a year.

How do you use the jade roller?

Below are simple instructions for using the jade roller on the face. 

1. Start all techniques on the right side and work to the left.

2. Roll gently up the throat on both sides and the middle. From the crease below the mouth roll up the sides of the face to depression in front of the ear. 

3. Roll up from next to the mouth to just below the eyes. (This is the stomach channel)

4. Roll over all areas between these two

5. Roll downwards from next to the base of the nose to next to the mouth along the nasolabial lines. 

6. From the edge of the nose roll laterally under the eyes.

7. From the lateral corner of the eyes roll outwards across the crow’s feet.

8. From the centre of the forehead roll outwards laterally.

9. From the tip of the nose roll upwards to the hair line.

Crystal Rollers

Is there a difference between the rose Quartz Crystal and the Jade Crystal Roller?

Both of these White lotus crystal Rollers are made from an A-grade crystal that is not treated chemically.

The jade roller is the traditional Chinese roller dating back to hundreds of years. It was primarily used by the elite class in history. The Jade is traditionally referred to as an authority symbol. In fact, it used to be much more precious as compared to gold.

On the other hand, the Rose Quartz Crystal rollers are a recent development. Since long, the rose is referred to as the crystal of love which has its origins from ancient Egypt. Moreover, there are stories of the clear crystals being stained into a red colour through the aphrodite’s blood in ancient Greece.

As compared to the former, the Rose Quartz Crystal happens to be a rather difficult stone to carve. Without chemical treatment for softening, only artisans are able to carve the Pure Rose Crystal.

Ultimately, however, the choice is all about personal preferences. Both of these are capable of giving you beautiful skin. Moreover, both of them can be used along with a relaxing beauty ritual.

Which Type of Crystal is Best for My Skin?

Please follow the link below to a full explanation of which crystal jade, rose quartz, tourmaline, clear quartz or amethyst is best for your skin.

Which Crystal for my skin?

What is the difference between the White lotus Crystal Roller and the other cheaper market models?

The White lotus crystal Rollers are being sold from more than 15 years. The White lotus Crystal Rollers make use of A-grade crystal. Primarily, the crystals get graded for their level of chemical treatment due to which they become very malleable. Hence, they are easier to carve after a chemical treatment. Apart from that, the Crystals also get graded on the basis of their quality. The chemical treatment, however, alters the natural structure of the crystals.

The Lotus crystals are not chemically treated, unlike many other manufacturers. Moreover, the White Lotus. Crystal rollers are also individually hand carved and packed inside a box lined with traditional silk. This is because this used to be the original method for storage.

Only solid brass brackets are used rather than a wire, unlike the other makers of rollers. Moreover, the wires that other manufacturers use often happen to be very thin as a result of which it can break, cause damage to the eyes, up the skin. As a result of this, custom brass molds are used by White lotus in order to make strong and safe rollers.

What are the products that you can use with the Crystal Roller?

In case you want to get the best results, make sure that your skin is cleansed beforehand with the White lotus certified organic ginseng and White Tea cleaners.

Then, put on some amount of the certified organic White lotus anti-aging serum n the skin. This is an ideal liquid as it contains a number of organic tea oil benefits such as light lubrication of the skin so that rolling is easier.

Once the treatment has been done, let the serum on so that it can penetrate deep inside the skin for a warm and fresh look.

How to clean the Crystal Roller?

After every treatment, remember to spray some White lotus colloidal silver spray on to the rollers. This will result in the removal of 99.9% of bacteria. Then, we can store the roller in a box lined with silk.

Also, before the next use, do first spray the roller with the Colloidal silver spray first. Then, allow it to dry before using it.

In case you use the roller with a product that is quite greasy, you can attach the head and wash it with detergent after the treatment is over. Remember, to not to wash the metal brackets. This is because prolonged exposure to water can result in corrosion in this case.

In case you are making use of the roller with a product that is specifically greasy, you can wash the head using a detergent after the treatment. However, do not watch the metal brackets as prolonged exposure to water can result in corrosion.

In order to take a look at a more detailed blog revolving around cleaning the crystal roller, click here.

Can the Crystal Roller be left in the refrigerator?

A wide number of people like to keep their crystal Roller in the refrigerator, especially those that are living in hot climates. All in all, it will do no harm.

However, this might be unnecessary in general. This is because the jade crystals are known for their coolness even when they are in contact with the skin.

Why is your Crystal Roller squeaking?

It is quite normal for new crystal rollers to squeak. This is primarily because of the recently carved crystal creating friction with the brackets.

Before using the roller, you may add a drop of oil in the gap between the bracket and the crystal. This will reduce the friction which will ultimately, remove the squeaking sounds.

Why do Crystal Rollers come in different sizes?

Essentially speaking, the different sizes of Crystal rollers exist for some specific purposes. The commonly preferred roller, for instance, is the large head roller as it covers a wider area easily and gently. On the other hand, the smaller rolling heads are used on areas such as the eyes.

What type of results can you expect from the use of Crystal rollers?

All in all, Crystal rollers can:

1. Improve the lymphatic drainage

2. Reduces inflammation and puffiness around eyes

3. Flattens out the wrinkles

4. Firms and lifts the skin

5. Increases the microcirculation of the skin.

How often should the Crystal Roller be used?

The crystal rollers happen to be non-invasive and do not result in inflammation.

For this reason they can be used daily with good results and no risk.

How to use a Crystal Roller?

Visit any of the pages of any of crystal roller products and see a video demonstration.  

Nevertheless, a detailed set of instructions has been included below:

The crystal Rollers are used in an outward and upward direction on the face in the following way.

We begin on the right end of the face and carry on towards the left side after that.
We may use longer strokes, unlike the microneedle roller.
Gently roll up through the throat on the middle and both sides
Roll out along the jawline from the chin
Now, move upwards gradually and roll through the cheeks area outwards
Roll laterally through the edge of the nose beneath the eyes.
Now, role upwards through the cheek.
Roll outwards from the lateral eyes corner through the crow’s feet.
Laterally roll outwards from the middle of the forehead.
Roll upwards to from the nose tip to the hairline.
Continue rolling throughout the forehead.

Can the crystal roller be used after Derma Roller treatment?

The roller can be used after microneedle treatment if being used at home and if the crystal roller is not going to be shared with anyone else. If using in clinic then the rollers must be use before microneedling only.

The rollers are great at cooling the skin which can feel hotter after a micro-needling session.

Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is the skin tools that were used in ancient China and have been around for a millennium. These tools were primarily rubbed or slid through the skin in order to increase the circulation of blood. At the same time, this also reduces skin toxins.

Here, the word Gua refers to rub and Sha refers to red which occurs due to an increase in the blood flow.

Today, the crystal Gua Sha are used very extensively in the Asian beauty treatment. Now, groups such a the White Lotus are making these treatments available in the Western World.

Is there a difference between the Jade Gua Sha and Rose Quartz Gua Sha?

The White Lotus Crystal Gua Sha get carved from a non-chemically treated a grade crystal in comparison to the cheaper versions that have swamped the market.

Traditionally, the Jade Gua Sha is a traditional cosmetic Gua Sha from China. In China, these have been used from centuries by those who were powerful and rich.

In comparison to that, the Rose Quartz Gua Sha has been developed just recently. For long, the rose has had its association with love from Egypt all the way to Ancient Greece.

The rose Quartz Gua Sha, however, is a stone that is rather difficult to carve. It is something that only the skilled artisans can do without the need for chemical treatment for softening. This also means that the pure rose quartz crystals are more expensive as compared to Jade.

In the end, the choices boil down to personal preferences. Both of these crystals are capable of giving a beautiful skin in case the rituals are followed as they should be.

What are the products with which you can use Gua Sha?

In order to get the best results, it is important to clean the skin using the White Tea cleanser and the White Lotus Certified Organic Ginseng first.

After that, one should apply a small amount of the certified white lotus anti-aging serum to a particular area on the skin. This serum contains some organic green tea oil which is ideal for lubricating the skin so that the Gua Sha can easily glide through it.

Once the treatment is done, the serum must be allowed to penetrate deep inside the skin in order to generate a warm look.

How is the Gua Sha cleaned?

It is extremely important to clean the Gua Sha after every treatment with detergent so that all the oily residue is washed off. After it gets dry, do not forget to spray the rollers with the White Lotus Colloidal silver spray which kills off 99.9% of the bacteria.

Before you begin using Gua Sha, spray some Colloidal silver spray and allow the Gua Sha to get dried up.

In case you do not have the colloidal silver spray, then you may use isopropyl alcohol. However, do make sure that the alcohol is dried off fully, which may dehydrate your skin otherwise.

Should the Gua Sha be left in the refrigerator?

Well, there is certainly no problem in storing the Gua Sha in the refrigerator. Many people do this purposely. This causes no harm to the Gua Sha crystal.

However, there are no such requirements generally. This is because such crystals are popular for the fact that they remain cool regardless of the external conditions.

What type of results can be achieved through the use of Gua Sha?

The following are the benefits of using the Jade Gua Sha:

An increase and improvement in the lymphatic drainage
Improvement in the micro-circulation
Reduce the inflammation and puffiness
Flatten the wrinkles out and reduce their appearance

Essentially, the Gua Sha happens to be very effective when it comes to increasing the microcirculation. According to a recent study, the Gua Sha treatment may be able to improve the microcirculation by more than 400% after treatment.  

How often should the Gua Sha be used?

The Gua Sha crystal can be used daily as a ritual for beauty treatment.

How is the Gua Sha crystal used?

All Gua Sha products carry detailed demonstrations on their product page. In order to view the detailed demonstrations, click on the following links Jade Gua sha, Rose Quartz Gua Sha.

A detailed guide for Gua Sha, crystal rollers, and cupping is also available for practitioners who want to add such treatments to their clinic.

Detailed instructions are also printed below for you to see:

Strat the treatment on the right end of the face
Remember to not to use the Gua Sha on the throat as it is easy to apply more pressure here, which may damage the delicate structure.
Make use of the fishtail end and begin at the chin. After that, stroke up through the jawline via the fishtail.
Then, stroke up using a flat surface of gua sha and move in straight lines outwards and up through the cheeks. Then, stimulate your acupuncture point in the front part of the ear as demonstrated in the point diagram.
You can also perform the same motion via gentle zig-zag or circling, in order to allow a stronger simulation.
Make use of the long side of the comb, and stroke outwards and across from the nose side under the eyes. From here, continue outwards and up across the temples.
Make use of the long curved side of the comb to stroke on the forehead center, and outwards. This process also has to be repeated, moving up through the forehead.
Using one hand, raise the eyebrows and stroke in the ridges of the eyebrows in order to lift and tone the upper eyelids. Do remember to raise the skin instead of placing the Gua Sha in the eye socket.
Make use of the flat end of the Gua Sha to scrape in an upward direction through the forehead.
It is a good idea to target the wrinkles by stretching the skin on either side and massaging through zig-zag using the pointy end. This results in a strong circulation at the base of wrinkles.
By now, it is okay to return and to stroke up through the cheeks and the forehead using the curved side of the crystal.
Before finishing your massage, put the pointed end inside the depression of the front ear. From here, give gentle strokes upward and around the ear. Then, move down through the neck.
Now, repeat the same process on the left end of your face.

Can you use the Gua Sha after treatment by Derma roller?

Yes, the Gua Sha may be used after a dermaroller treatment. However, it is preferred to use a crystal roller after a dermaroller treatment since it is gentler on the skin as compared to the Gua Sha.

Remember the Gua sha should not be shared with others if used after a microneedling treatment.


What is cupping?

Cupping refers to suction through the use of silicon cups attached on to the skin. This is a natural treatment which stimulates the microcirculation and improves the skin nutrition which in turn, improves its appearance.

Why are two different sized cups used?

Cupping is used in various parts of the body. The smaller cups are primarily used for the face. On the other hand, the larger cups are used on the rest of the body, especially the thighs and legs, in order to assist the cellulite and stretch marks.

Follow the link on this product page, in order to view a detailed demonstration of cups.

What products are cupping used with?

In order to perform facial cupping, first, cleanse your skin thoroughly. Then use the White lotus certified organic White Tea along with the Ginseng cleanser. After that, put on a small amount of the organic anti-aging serum by White Lotus. The anti-aging serum is essentially a green tea oil base which lubricates the skin, due to which the cup glides through the skin with great ease.

How to perform cupping facial treatment?

In order to see a video of the facial cupping being performed, click on the link 

Practitioners can follow this link to find the White lotus Crystal Roller guide, cupping correspondence course, and a Gua Sha guide.

In order to find out the correct way of performing a cupping facial treatment, follow the instructions indicated below:

Simply squeeze the cups to use on specific points.
While the cups are squeezed, place them tightly against your skin. Then, let go of the cups after which the cups must remain gripped to the skin due to a vacuum.
The skin under the cup will be raised visibly.
Remember to not to leave the cups on one spot for more than a minute or else, it may result in temporary dark marks.  
Put on some small amount of the White Lotus Serum on the skin before the treatment, and massage it.
Always begin on the right end and work on the left of the face.
Begin by placing the cup near your chin, and move upwards towards the front of your ears.
Carry this process out for 5-10 times through each area and gradually move up through the face.
From the middle of your forehead, stroke outwards towards your hairline. Then, stroke the forehead.
Repeat this procedure 5-0 times through each area.  
Moving cupping does not leave any marks. Hence, it can be performed on a daily basis. In case cupping leaves marks, the treatment must not be carried out for at least a week.

Performing cupping body treatment?

In order to see a cupping body treatment in action, please follow this link:

Practitioners can also follow this link to the Gua Sha, White Lotus Crystal Roller, and the Cupping correspondence course.

Take a look at the detailed instructions given below:

Simply squeeze the cups to be used on specific points
Place the cup tightly against the skin while it is still squeezed. Once you let go, the cup must get gripped to skin due to a vacuum.
This will visibly raise the skin underneath the cup.
In order to move the cups, put some amount of the White Lotus serum on the skin before the treatment and massage it on.
Begin by performing a moving cupping stroke from the thighs towards the trunk.
Cover every area for 5-10 times.
It is possible to perform moving cupping on a daily basis without leaving any marks.
In case a stronger stimulation is desires, several cups can be used over the area and can be put in place for around 5 minutes.
As a result of this, dark marks will appear resulting in a strong stimulation.
In case you are leaving the cups attached on to the skin and it leaves marks, then the treatment should not be repeated for at least a week after that. 

How often can cupping be used?

Cupping can be performed twice a week safely, for moving cupping. In case you leave the cups in place for deeper treatment, then it is sufficient to perform it once a week.

What can you expect to achieve after regular cupping?

Cupping can:

Increase the microcirculation and blood flow
Improve skin nutrition
Assist the lymphatic drainage to reduce face puff and assist the fluid metabolism
Cupping may also help in breaking up the old connective tissues which contribute to the aging signs on the face, along with stretch marks on the lower body.  

Can cupping be used during breastfeeding and pregnancy?

It is safe to use gentle moving facial cupping during pregnancy.

If you are unsure or have any concerns please consult your Doctor before commencing treatment.

Acupressure Mats

Can you lie on acupressure mat with bare skin?

Yes, it is totally okay to lie on an acupressure mat with bare skin. For first-timers, however, it is recommended to use a thin garment or a t-shirt. It might take you a session or two to get used to a mat.

How to clean the acupressure mat?

It is possible to gently wipe down the mat with soapy water. Also, a colloidal silver spray can be used to kill the bacteria if it is required.

While you are relaxing on an acupressure mat instead of exercising, you would not sweat a lot. Hence, cleaning is not necessary very often.

Silk Products

Can my silk products be washed?

Yes, it is possible to wash the silk products on gentle settings inside a washing machine.

Can the eye serum be applied before wearing the silk eye mask?

Yes this is ideal before going to bed to allow time for thorough absorption.


What Ingredients are used in the Skincare range

The individual ingredients of each product are listed on the product description page. You can also follow these links to more information about the White Lotus Ingredients policy.

Ingredients Pledge

Ingredients we Avoid

How to Read a Label

Do you use ethanol in your products?

No the herbs in the oils are extracted in oil rather than ethanol. It should be noted that the Activated Jade and Tourmaline Crystal Serum contains benzyl alcohol but no ethanol.