The roller or dermastamp should be used once every 2 weeks. 

When skin needling is performed as part of the healing process a group of enzymes called collegenease are created to break down old and misaligned collagen. 

This group of enzymes peak every 2 weeks and then decrease. It makes sense to wait until after this group of enzymes have peaked before performing a new treatment to further increase collagen production.

Performing treatments this often is ideal for  0.5mm or 1.0mm needle length performed on the face or a 1.0mm on the body using the White Lotus techniques.

If using longer needles or more aggressive techniques then you may need to wait longer until all signs of inflammation have passed.

Needle Length
Aftercare Serum
Light Anti Aging - Facial Treatment
0.5mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Anti Aging Aftercare Serum
Hands, Neck and Decolletage
1.0mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Anti Aging Aftercare Serum
1.0mm Lotus Roller or 1.0mm dermastamp
White Lotus Scar Aftercare Serum
Striae (Stretch Marks)
1.0mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Stretch Mark and Cellulite Aftercare Serum
1.0mm Lotus Roller
White Lotus Stretch Mark and Cellulite Aftercare Serum
Hair Restoration
1.0mm dermastamp
Not required

We do not recommend the use of any form of vitamin A application with skin needling.

The reason for this is that the main side effects of skin needling are dry skin, inflamed skin and photo sensitivity. These are also the main side effects of vitamin A use. 

If you use both of them together you end up with very dry, inflamed and photosensitive 

In fact despite some advertising claims there is no research to show that vitamin A improves the effect of skin needling.

In preference we recommend natural serums which nourish your skin throughout the skin needling process allowing you to increase collagen production in comfort.

No we do not recommend it. By using the correct micro needle length and intelligent rolling techniques numbing cream can be easily avoided.

In fact several years ago we performed a survey of recent students at one of Anthonys skin needling courses. The results showed that of the 70 students surveyed 100% responded and 91% of these students agreed that treatments done with the White Lotus techniques are not painful.

a. Immediately after the treatment skin will feel warn possibly slightly tender and will feel tighter across the face.

b. If using a 0.5mm or 1.0mm roller inflammation will last up to 24 hours in most cases.

c. Direct sunlight is best avoided for this period an preferably a week after treatment. 

d. The skin can feel very dry during this period and it is best to use the appropriate White Lotus aftercare serum twice a day during this period.

e. The increase in collagen production will begin around 48 hours after treatment and results will continue to improve for 3-12 months after treatment as a whole new collagen matrix is formed.

f. New collagen created will last for between 5-7 years.

Pregnant or breast feeding women can perform skin needling. 

In these cases it is best to perform dry skin needling which means no products are used on the skin being needled during and for at least 8 hours after treatment.

This avoids any increased absorption of all products including your normal beauty regime from the treatment.

Yes this can be performed very easily and safely.

Simply use the other hand to draw the skin from around the eyes down onto the bone below the eye socket. This skin can then be roller across easily and safely.

Never roll into the eye socket as suggested on some less responsible instructions!

When teaching these techniques we suggest light pressure. 

Good sharp needles should pass easily through the skin without excessive pressure being required.

To check that the pressure you are using is correct check that the roller is very slightly depressing the skin but not pushing deep as though
pushing towards the bone.

The simplest way to clean the roller is described below.

Remember this only disinfects the roller for use on the same person. It is not currently possible to re sterilise a roller despite some misinformed claims so rollers should never be shared with another person.

a. Rinse the roller in running water quickly.

b. Spray the roller with the Lotus Roller cleaner containing colloidal silver to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

c. Place the roller back in the case without letting it contact anything else.

d. Spray the roller again before the next treatment

Below are simple instructions for using the jade roller on the face. 

1. Start all techniques on the right side and work to the left.

2. Roll gently up the throat on both sides and the middle. From the crease below the mouth roll up the sides of the face to depression in front of the ear. 

3. Roll up from next to the mouth to just below the eyes. (This is the stomach channel)

4. Roll over all areas between these two

5. Roll downwards from next to the base of the nose to next to the mouth along the nasolabial lines. 

6. From the edge of the nose roll laterally under the eyes.

7. From the lateral corner of the eyes roll outwards across the crow’s feet.

8. From the centre of the forehead roll outwards laterally.

9. From the tip of the nose roll upwards to the hair line.

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