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Bed of Nails – Bed of Nails acupressure mat

What is it and what to look for?

Acupressure originates in China and has been used for thousands of years. It’s also a well-known fact that the bed of nails is mentioned in ancient Chinese texts which are supposed to date back as far as 2,000 years ago.

Small plastic spikes are used on acupressure mats which are strategically placed so they stimulate acupressure points located in the back. Something called shu points run the length of the spine and when stimulated correctly, they can help benefit the health of various organs in the body. This is actually the most traditional way of using acupressure, and lying on a Euro mat targets these specific areas. This makes it possible to enjoy a back massage at home whilst enjoying the health benefits it offers.

More information on the acupressure mat and the products is detailed below:

Acupressure Mat

Acupuncture mats (surprisingly), first appeared in Russia during the 1970’s. Today, we can thank a man by the name of Ivan Kuznetzov who created a mat in order to improve his own health issues. Not long after, he patented the first European acupuncture mat which was designed using plastic spikes.

Once this appeared on the market, the acupressure mat was researched widely across Russia by doctors who were interested to know if it can help ailments like back and shoulder pain along with tension in general. It was also put under the microscope with respect to low energy levels, improving stress and poor sleep.
Later, a Russian researcher named Tanya Zilberter became involved in studying acupressure mats and eventually took her findings to the USA where she wrote a book. In this book, she is discussed the fact that acupuncture mats probably help to naturally regulate endorphins in the body.

Her study included 126 volunteers in America which yielded the following results:

• 98% found the pain they experience was decreased.

• 96% told experts their relaxation levels were increased.

• 94% experienced better quality sleep.

• 81% found their energy levels were increased.

What was surprising about Tanya’s research is it proved an acupressure mat has more health benefits than was originally thought, and more research is being eagerly awaited by experts.

Since the acupressure mat originates in the East, the Euromat is the first to be developed in order to help people of European origin, and is totally designed and hand-made in the EU.

Below is a comparison between the Euro mat and others on the market:

1. Accommodates the back better for Europeans because it’s larger.
2. Safer to use because no potentially harmful glues are used to attach the spikes, and food grade plastic is used instead of cheaper ABS which is photosensitive.
3. Only memory foam is used so the mat contours to the unique shape of the user’s body.
4. Its ethical because all materials are sourced in the EU, and the cotton and foam used is certified by textiles.
5. The unique Velcro straps offer ease of storage and are easily applied to the leg or knee in order to assist with health issues in this part of the body.

Full instructions are included with the Euro mat, and EUROMAT cleaner is available for purchase separately.
This kills bacteria should the mat be intended for shared use.

Anyone wanting to know more about the EUROMAT can follow the link which includes full specifications on the product.