Can a cup of tea decrease the stress in our everyday lives?  White Lotus

Can a cup of tea decrease the stress in our everyday lives?

Drinking tea is a much-appreciated habit in England, but you should know that it can offer you more than a warm beverage to enjoy. Consuming tea has a benefits impact on the quality of our lives because it can help us the stress we have to deal with every day. In fact, researchers found out that stress starts to drop right from the beginning, when we start preparing our tea, during the mere gesture of putting the kettle on for heating the water. The entire purpose of this study, conducted by a doctor and psychologist, was to see if drinking tea can have any benefic effects on an organism burdened by stress, inclusive during an anxiety episode.

It appears that even the entire ritual of making the tea can be calming, perhaps because our mind knows what will come up next, which is tea drinking and enjoying a moment of relaxation. This habit was always associated with breaks, pleasant moments spent in the company of family and friends, a couple of minutes when you can relax and unwind. So drinking tea can set a good mood. It was shown that tea has chemicals that with properties of making the brain get into a more focused and alert state, but at the same time helping people get better after a stressful period. Not to mention that the cardiovascular system gets its own benefits from the fact that the mind and body get relaxed, so our heart stays on the safe side as well.

When having a stressful day or a hard task to accomplish, it is very comforting to have a well-marked break once in a while. Drinking tea is that break, or end of a hard day, representing the sign that your body can relax and enjoy because all the hard things are over. Also, when preparing tea, we get a feeling of care, of doing something for our benefit, which is soothing for our mind. In various cases, people felt that drinking a cup of tea before an interview, or after long travel, helps them relax, these aspects being also proven in the previously mentioned study. In the study, two groups of persons, of an equal number, were given the same task for solving, which was meant to increase their stress and anxiety. One group served tea after the test while the other group just had a glass of water. Before and after the test, the subjects went through detailed psychological tests, which showed that the levels of stress and anxiety produced by the given task were smaller in the group that served tea, in comparison with the other one that drank water.

Of course, there are some that state the study was not that extensive, not taking into account several factors. Still, whoever consumes tea will acknowledge its benefits when it comes to having a comforting break. Also, natural herbal tea will bring into the organism minerals and vitamins, acting as a tonic and refresher. So next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed by anxiety, start preparing yourself a cup of tea, as you will notice an improvement of your state almost immediately.

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