Collagen and the Skin  White Lotus

Collagen and the Skin

If you know your holistic skincare techniques, you will at least be able to repeat the slogan by rote that micro-needling works by galvanizing the skin into producing collagen. But do you really know what collagen is and why it’s important? Do you know why a lack of collagen leads to degradation of the skin, or even for the rest of the body’s structures in which it’s found, for that matter?

Yes, collagen is present in more than just the skin. It is actually a protein which can be found all throughout the body - in every organ and in every length of tissue. There are actually 29 types of collagen that have been identified, although only a few of those being found in a high quantity in the skin. It is the substance which sustains the firmness and elasticity of whatever its environs are. Perhaps most importantly for our interests, an abundance of collagen in the skin will give it that smooth, firm, and youthful appearance. Yet even when its effects cannot be seen directly, it also works in keeping us feeling youthful by also keeping cartilage and tendons tough and responsive.

Of course, a reduction of collagen has the opposite effect. An insufficiency of collagen will cause us to leave that vigorous glow of youth behind. When collagen is lacking, it will leave its ravages on the in the form of wrinkles and other characteristics most would consider undesirable. Yet this is something we must all deal with, as the body’s ability to produce this important protein falls dramatically as we age.

Many people think consuming collagen will aid their skin. Apart from being very hard to digest, it will not replace lost collagen or build more in the body (unlike collagen induction therapy). As soon as you consume a collagen supplement, it will be eliminated (if digested at all!). It is also important to note that collagen products come from animals (most commonly cows, pigs and fish).

Now that you know more about the astounding effects of collagen, it is hoped that you will do more research into this topic in order to decide whether to try collagen induction therapy (microneedling) . Then you will be aided in your campaign to repel the effects of ageing. While the effects of increasing your collagen quantity are scientifically proven to improve the youthfulness of your appearance, no collagen induction program can work if the treatments are not performed regularly and for a long period of time. The rest is in your hands.