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Article: Crystal Rollers: Cheap and Fake vs Authentic Quality

Crystal Rollers: Cheap and Fake vs Authentic Quality

Crystal Rollers: Cheap and Fake vs Authentic Quality

What sets them apart and why pay more for the real thing?  
Here are the points to ponder.

Crystal characteristics:

When it comes to genuine Crystal Rollers, the Crystal Roller from White Lotus is the real deal: natural and authentic.  This means they are chemical-free, imitation-free and created with only A-grade certified raw crystals, ensuring an original ‘crystal effect’ of healing and energy.

On the other hand, the non-genuine versions are not natural, receive chemical treatment and are inferior, reconstituted versions that are totally inauthentic.

How they are the Crystal Rollers made:

The White Lotus’ distinctive shape and one-off design includes solid brass with a smooth finish that ensures your skin is not cut or damaged in any way. The roller can be dismantled so that you can keep it hygienically clean.

Fake Crystal rollers do not use solid metals, instead often using sub-standard wire, that can lead to the roller falling apart and potentially causing injury to the face. Most are manufactured within the same handful of generic factories in China and even though they are made for different sellers across the globe, they are all the same product saturating the market.

How the Crystal Roller is presented:

White Lotus Crystal Rollers are presented in a signature silk-lined box. This is correct way to package authentic crystals, as real silk keeps the properties of the crystal intact. The box is made from FSC sustainable material and the EVA foam (considered the least harmful synthetic material) holds the roller in place.  Additionally, the obvious thought and quality of the packaging makes it an extra-special gift

The non-genuine rollers will come poorly presented in a bog-standard box. This makes damage during transit a risk and doesn’t lend itself to the full experience of receiving a good-quality product.

Crystal Roller Warranty Promise:

White Lotus stands behind its authenticity. Their products are backed with a certified warranty assuring that the product will perform for a lifetime. Their dedicated lifetime guarantee is affirmed here.

It comes with no surprise that the non-genuine versions bear zero warranty - mainly due to the sub-standard manufacturing process and therefore no guarantee is given.

Customer Experience:

Genuine products generally come with a good track record.  The Company White Lotus was founded by Dry Needling professionals from Australia who trained in China.

Their discovery of crystals and the holistic benefits led them to pursue extensive training in these practices that continued throughout the years. Today they share their expertise and knowledge with their customers. 

Resources like tuition and support to achieve better results is part and parcel of their service. 

For example - this video on how to use their Roller with this step-by-step demonstration.  Additionally, they have a large subscriber base and many followers, which you can join via their website or social media.

Sellers of mass-produced Crystal Rollers offer little or no support. Product knowledge is extremely limited and there is no personal customer service.  Given that they are not invested in the product, the post-sale experience is usually non-existent.

Crystal Product Ranges:

White Lotus’ Crystal range is uniquely created according to traditional Chinese medicine and ancient practices.  They consider the properties of different Crystal types on different skin types as detailed here.  With individuality in mind, they have created the Crystal Facial options by Skin Type; by Acupuncture Meridian and by Chakra. Your journey of discovery starts here.

Common sellers of fake Crystal Rollers buy the product that is readily available and not unique. They are almost always substandard and limited in choice, making them impersonal and disappointing, with almost no wow factor and absolutely no beneficial qualities.

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