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Article: Dermaroller for hyper pigmentation & melasma, Dark spots on the skin Video

Dermaroller for hyper pigmentation & melasma, Dark spots on the skin Video

Dermaroller for hyper pigmentation & melasma, Dark spots on the skin Video

Dermaroller for Hyper Pigmentation, Melasma and Dark spots

Video hosted by Anthony Kingston founder of Holistic Microneedling. A detailed written explanation is also included below the video.


Dermaroller for Skin Pigmentation

Dermarollers or microneedling can be used to assist both hypo-pigmentation and hyperpigmentation. Test patches should always be performed first to determine how the skin will react. Exactly how it works is unknown but it is most likely by regulating the signalling between the different epidermal cells.

When we discuss hyperpigmentation we are talking about the skin becoming darker as opposed to hypo pigmentation in which the skin becomes lighter.

These pigmentation changes are largely influenced by excessive melanin production by cells called melanocytes. They are located fairly shallowly in the skin at the base of the epidermis. Over production by these cells is a common cause of hyperpigmentation.

Microneedling or collagen induction therapy has the ability to normalise the signalling between keratinocytes and melanocytes, both cells in the epidermis. This can help normalise melanogenesis and melanocyte differentiation. In other words it helps to create health melanocyte cells that produce healthy melanin. This can reduce the skin tone and discolouration of the dark patches.

It is this mechanism that allows the derma roller for pigmentation treatments to be so effective.

dermaroller for skin pigmentation


Skin needling for melasma

Skin needling or microneedling is used extensively to assist melasma or chloasma faciei. Test patches should first be performed to see how the skin reacts. Then treatments can be carried out once every 2 weeks with a 0.5mm dermaroller. A course of treatment is usually 6 sessions.

Melasma is a particular form of hyper pigmentation which is experienced as patches of dark dermal discoloration. It is most commonly experienced by pregnant women or those who are taking patch or oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Common causes that can trigger melasma include excessive sun damage, inflammation and other human skin injuries including those caused by acne vulgaris. Some people are also more strongly genetically inclined to develop melasma than others. Melasma is usually diagnosed visually or with the assistance of a wood's lamp.

Sun protection is an important part of the treatment process in many cases. This is particularly important during a course of derma rolling which can increase photo sensitivity.

It is important to note that melasma does not cause any other symptoms and is considered a cosmetic condition only.

skin needling for melasma

Does microneedling help with melasma?

Melasma often called the mask of pregnancy is a dark or tan skin discolouration. Microneedling can help with melasma by regulating the signalling between keratinocytes and the melanocytes in the epidermis. This helps create healthy melanocyte cells that produce healthy melanin and therefore skin colour.

So is microneedling good for melasma? Yes in most cases. By regulating this signalling most people see a steady fading in the severity of the melasma. In the best cases it will no longer be visible and the skin tone can appear normal.

does microneedling help with melasma

Can microneedling make melasma worse?

Microneedling is used extensively to assist melasma. There are however cases in which microneedling can make melasma worse. For this reason a test patch should always be done to see how the skin reacts before proceeding with a full treatment.

Unfortunately melasma is unpredictable and little understood. There are also case reports of it getting worse with various forms of stimulation. This can include massage and some creams as well as with skin needling.

can microneedling make melasma worse

How to treat melasma skin discoloration with a dermaroller?

  1. Apply a patch test to ensure that dermarolling will not worsen the melasma.
  2. Wait 2 weeks before proceeding with a full course of treatments
  3. Use a 0.5mm dermaroller and roll across each area 15 times
  4. After the dermaroller treatment apply a soothing green tea oil serum
  5. Within several hours of treatment rinse the skin thoroughly in the shower
  6. Reapply the green tea oil afterwards
  7. Repeat the treatment every 2 weeks for a course of 6 treatments

If you are seeing a dermatologist for your melasma then you should consult them about the treatments. Any potential interactions with medications they have prescribed should be discussed. Common medications include azelaic acid, tretinoin and hydroquinone (HQ).

Chemical peels and laser treatments are also often prescribed and should not be done during a course of microneedling treatments.

Cosmetic camouflage can still be used while receiving microneedling treatments but nothing should be applied to the skin for the first 24 hours after each treatment. This is how long the micro-punctures in the skin remain open. They can dramatically increase absorption of any products applied during this time.

When performing the micro needling treatment it is better to use a hypoallergenic dermaroller. Melasma can be made worse by skin irritants and there is a growing percentage of people who react to the nickel content in steel microneedles.

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