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Face Reading Techniques

There is a method to determine how healthy your body is by learning how to read the human face. This is a Chinese method that dates over 3000 years and it’s called “Mian Xiang” which means face reading. According to experts, a good doctor that is familiar with this technique, is able to find out close to 80% of the health issues that a person might be experiencing. This practice is becoming more and more popular in modern times and a large number of western doctors are looking into this practice for early diagnosis of certain conditions as it seems that they are quite accurate.

The Chinese have developed a method that allows the face to become a map and they have create a system that allows them to read the cheeks to find out about lung problems, then the lips for the digestive system organs and the brows are used to find out about problems in the liver. Some doctors in the western world have actually started to study this and they have definitely become convinced of the effectiveness of the method.

The use of colors in the face are also used to determine certain clues that will let people now the state of their health. When there is too much red present in the face, it can signal to high blood pressure or heart disease. A darkened hue can be linked to certain issues with the kidneys. Yellow hues are often related to the stomach and also the spleen and a whitened face is without a doubt the most common issue that can easily be related to lung performance issues.

The same color diagnosis can be linked to the nose, the lips the eyebrows and the eye sockets. When there is presence of darkened skin around the eyes this means that kidneys are not functioning at optimal levels and when there is even a diagnosis that has been successfully liked in which the darkening of back moles between the nose and the lips can be a possible sign of cancer or high levels of acidity and toxins, which could potentially lead to that disease.

There are some doctors who have mastered face reading to the point that they feel they can read anyone’s life entirely through their face, but this is still quite controversial to most people who remain skeptics. The reading of impending disease is definitely something that is catching the attention of the public.

If you are interested in getting a proper face reading, you should always do some research online to find out which of the people who provide this service are actually good enough at it and which of them have been able to give a large number of people a very good diagnosis. It always important to remind ourselves of the fact that there are many people who will try to take advantage of this and they will pretend to be experts in face reading, so the need for proper studying is important.

People who are looking to learn this powerful and ancient technique are going to be able to make the most of it by watching DVD lessons that explain everything, but the best certified face readers also take lessons with real diagnostics being required in the presence of experts in order to be given proper certifications. We recommend that if you are interested in learning more about face reading as a practitioner yourself or as a patient, you can find plenty of great information in all kinds of media that will give you a huge database of knowledge.