FACTS about the Skin Needling Roller of the White Lotus brand  White Lotus

FACTS about the Skin Needling Roller of the White Lotus brand

What are the reasons for picking the skin needling roller provided by White Lotus, instead of other companies?

If you decide to buy a skin needling roller from White Lotus, you can be sure that you chose a product with the highest quality, which is entirely safe for your health. The company respects the highest standards concerning the manufacturing of a skin needling device, making sure that the use materials will not present any risk of toxicity or to do harm to the skin. White Lotus uses only organic products, which are always tested clinically before being released for sale. It is a product that is reliable and will be there for you for years to come, in comparison with fake skin needling rollers.

What is best to choose, a skin needling roller or stamp?

The choice depends very much on what you intend to do. Thus,skin needling rollers are made to be used more practically if you plan to cover a larger area of skin. You can easily and rapidly cover the abdomen area, cleavage, thighs or even shoulders. The derma stamp is made more to treat smaller areas of skin, like scars or other patches you wish to treat. Also, the stamp is efficient in massaging the scalp, in cases of hair loss, since a roller can damage the hair by tangling it or pulling on it.

How can I know the skin needling roller will work? Are there any proofs in this direction?

The skin needling roller is a treatment used for centuries in the Asian traditional medicine. The principle on which the effects of the device work is very simple, having as purpose stimulating the collagen production cells that are very close to the skin’s surface. From here the skin needling technique, using minuscule needles. You can find online numerous testimonies of people that already tried this method and solid scientific research stating it's effects.

For what can this device can be used?

Since it stimulates the production of collagen and tightens the skin, it is a very efficient anti-aging product. It also enhances microcirculation on the skin’s surface, helping the healing of scars, diminishing cellulite and stretch marks, supporting a better nutrition of the skin’s cells. Due to this reason, it can also come in aid of people that suffer from hair loss, strengthening the hair’s roots.

Practically, how does the device work?

We already discussed the aspect that a skin needling roller will stimulate collagen production. Is due to the fact that the microneedles induce the minimum amount of damage, making the skin produce this substance, much needed for skin renewal. And because the needles will create tiny channels on the skin’s surface, it will become more absorptive, in case you use nourishing products. Although, it is highly recommendable to use only organic products in this stage, since the skin can also absorb any chemicals or harmful ingredients that may be utilized in the cosmetic product.

Will there be any pain in using a Lotus Roller, Skin needling Roller?

No,skin needling rollers are not made to produce pain. White Lotus provides skin needling rollers that have the ideal needle length, enough to stimulate the skin and not create any harm or discomfort. The high-quality products White Lotus offers can be easily used on the face as well, without feeling any pain, if the right techniques of use are applied. The provided lotus rollers will always come accompanied with complete instructions for an efficient and safe use.

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