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Article: Hair and Body Combing Rituals

Hair and Body Combing Rituals

Hair and Body Combing Rituals

Body combing is a tradition that has existed since ancient times, centuries ago. It is believed to have originated from Ancient Chinese practices and was practiced on a daily basis as a type of Gua Sha skin combing.

Ancient Chinese medicine has many practices that are used to maintain your beauty, wellness, and health as well as keep you away from sickness. These are practices that have not only stood against the test of time, but also are becoming an increasingly popular practice even today.

The idea is that you use a Gua Sha tool every day on your face and body, it is believed to trigger the blood and qi (blood circulation throughout the body and your energy). According to traditional Chinese medicine, the face can reflect how healthy you are from the inside. When you work to keep blood and energy circulating in the body, you can develop a healthy complexion and have more youthful skin.

There is also the practice of Tui Na, which is a form of ancient Chinese medicinal massage. This is done by body combing, where the acupuncture paths of the scalp and limb are stimulated.

A lot of Chinese still practice these types of rituals on a regular basis as a way to improve their wellness and longevity.

But do these rituals work? There has been some modern research done on this topic that shows that it can be very effective. It can potentially increase the microcirculation of the body by four hundred percent during the treatment (1).

It was also discovered that after the treatment, the effects can last for an additional 25 minutes. There is also evidence that Gua Sha can not only reduce pain where the treatment was applied but also in the tissue that arounds the area.

When you add in body combing to your daily routine, you can lift and tone your skin. This will give you a more youthful appearance. Body combing can be great for firming your neck, face, and body. It can also prevent sagging in the skin and remove the toxins. You can also benefit from the coolness that comes from the crystal, which can tighten and close your pores.

In order to properly perform this treatment, you first apply a cellulite serum to your body. To do this properly, you will need to start from the limbs and work your way up.

This treatment is most effective when done properly, by following these steps:

  1. You always want to start on the right half of your body, then repeat the process on the left half.
  2. You must stroke upwards. This should never be done downwards as this is the opposite way of the blood and lymphatic system of the body.
  3. Then, move from outwards to inwards of the body.
  4. You should always comb in a gentle manner.
  5. You will use the pointed side of the Gua Sha or comb, starting from the outside of your legs from the outside of the right ankle. Then use a round motion as you move up your leg, then inside of the limbs.
  6. You will repeat this on the left side when you are done. The reason that you start with the right side and move to the left is because your energy always travels from the right to left half of the body, meaning you get better results with this approach.

When performing this on your scalp, you again use the pointed side of the comb or Gua Sha. Work from the right half of the hairline in a round motion down to the neckline. Finish this first motion by circling around your ear. Again, you will repeat this on your left side.

The good news is that hair and body combing takes just a few minutes to complete a day, and you can use either a crystal comb or a Gua Sha tool. This can be used along with cupping or micro-needling for additional benefits.

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