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How to avoid a skin needling roller scam

Everybody wishes to get a beautiful skin, so there are many out there what want to get rich taking advantage if this desire of people. Thus, they start manufacturing and selling products that they claim to be skin needling rollers, although neither the composition, not the properties, will recommend that product to be a real skin needling roller. So how can you avoid to be the victim of a scam? Here is everything you need to know about derma rollers and the scams that are created around you. And always buy products from a reliable and reputable wellness and body care product provider.

Some skin needling providing companies claim that it works only with adjacent products, like vitamin A or creams with retinol. That is entirely untrue. Still, it is true the fact that skin needling can be performed in the presence of vitamin A, but it can also work just fine dry, without the presence of any product or substance.Skin needling rollers are enough to stimulate the skin’s collagen production, without being helped by anything else. And this fact is supported by medical studies, without the use of vitamin A or anything else. This is just an excuse to mask the fact that the Skin Needling rollers they sell are scams.
They claim that the skin needling roller must have 1.5 mm, or longer, micro needles to induce the production of collagen.

Another wrong statement, because the most efficient micro needles are the ones that have only 0.5 mm. Numerous researches showed that 0.5 micro needles have the best results in collagen production, because they aim at the best depth in the skin, where absorption is the highest. There are only remote cases, like the presence of severe scars, in which longer micro needles are required for optimum results. Otherwise, the 0.5 mm micro needles are great in most cases.

They claim that the micro needles of 0.3 mm, or even less, are enough for collagen induction. If we consider the fact that the roller must penetrate the superficial layer of the skin, we can understand why such sizes are inefficient, although there are many derma rollers on the market with this size. They are all scams because the skin is not even everywhere, plus it is also elastic, so needles of this size will never do their job as they are supposed to. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the claim that’s shorter needles are made for a safer use at home. You will only pay the money and obtain no results. Also, it is impossible to hurt yourself with a 0.5mm skin needling roller.

Avoid advice that state skin needling rollers can work with any beauty product. The needles of a skin needling roller, by penetrating the skin, considerably increases absorption at skin level, up to 10,000 times. So you will often see companies selling skin needling with other cosmetic products they produce. But not all cosmetics should be used when the absorption is so elevated. Most cosmetic products contain ingredients that can be harmful to the organism if they are ingested. Because it is the same effect of absorption in the body after using a derma roller, as would be in the case of ingesting the product. So if you really wish to use products together with skin needling, make sure they are organic ones, which are also recommended for consumption. Otherwise, you can risk severe skin issue.

Not all the skin needling rollers, especially the cheaper ones, respect the quality and safety controls. The reason trustworthy skin needling are more expensive is because they are made respecting the highest standards regarding quality and safety and are done in a controlled environment. Since they are personal use items, which also pierce the skin, they should be disinfected and machine assembled, packed in safe containers. Cheaper rollers are most likely assembled by hand, not being sterile, and representing a danger to your health.

Really cheap rollers can also have needles too close together which means they don't even puncture the skin. You can also buy cheap rollers with blunt needles that catch on the skin because they cannot puncture it.
Be Safe, buy a quality skin needling roller- it will last for well over a year and you will know that you will be inducting collagen.

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