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Article: How to Clean My Jade Roller? How to Disinfect a Jade Roller?

how to clean my jade roller

How to Clean My Jade Roller? How to Disinfect a Jade Roller?

Jade rollers are made using brass brackets. Washing the roller in water quickly corrodes and destroys the metal. It is best to disinfect the roller head with isopropyl alcohol or colloidal silver to kill bacteria. In better quality rollers the head can be detached and washed alone in soapy water.

As you can see the question of how to wash a jade roller is irrelevant. Most jade rollers simply disintegrate with regular washing. For many years we have used jade rollers extensively in clinic. Use in a clinical situation is far more intensive than home use so a wonderful test of the durability of a jade roller.

In clinic the 30 or so rollers may be washed up to 9 times a day. If the whole roller is washed in water each time then the average roller will last about 30 days. After this corrosion ruins the appearance and weakens the metal making it unusable.

This is worse with rollers that employ wire brackets that are simply glued in place. The glue dissolves far faster meaning the metal falls apart. This potentially exposes the sharp wire to patients skin. This is of course unacceptable.

A clinical situation is of course different to home use. In clinic rollers are used on different clients so correctly disinfecting the rollers it vital.

How to clean your jade roller

How to Clean a Jade Roller After Use?

Cleaning a jade roller after use at home involves ensuring that both physical particles like oil and dirt are removed and that all bacteria is destroyed. To remove oil and dirt, detergent or alcohol must be used and the roller physically scrubbed. Alcohol or colloidal silver is required to kill the bacteria.

When jade rolling at home it is assumed that you are not sharing the roller with anyone as part of your skin care routine. If you are please see the section below on disinfecting the jade roller instead. It is assumed you are using the roller daily. It is also assumed that you have bought a roller in which the head can be removed occasionally for more thorough cleaning.

Step by Step instructions to clean your jade roller

  1. After each use immediately spray the jade roller head with isopropyl alcohol or colloidal silver to kill bacteria. If using the roller with oil then once a week you will need to detach the head and wash it in warm water and detergent
  2. Please note you cannot detach the head in rollers with wire brackets without breaking the roller
  3. After washing return the roller to a box for safe storage and to avoid it accumulating dust and dirt
  4. Before using the roller again respray it with alcohol or colloidal silver and allow it to sit for several minutes before use.
  5. Please note that alcohol can dehydrate the skin so where possible colloidal silver is a better option.

how to disinfect jade roller

How to Disinfect Jade Rollers?

To disinfect a jade roller spray the roller with either isopropyl alcohol or colloidal silver to kill 99.99% of all bacteria. Please note this is not the same as sterilising a roller which kills blood born viruses and is not suitable for jade rollers.

Sterilising a facial roller is only relevant in clinical situations. In these cases facial massages may be used on multiple customers after penetrative procedures which involve blood. These include microdermabrasion and injections. In these situations it is better not to use and share a jade roller between customers.

Sterilising a jade roller is not relevant for home users who do not share their roller with others. Disinfecting a roller is ample protection against infection.

How to Store Your Jade Roller?

To store the jade roller it is best placed back into the box in which it arrives. The best quality boxes are silk lined as this was the traditional way in China. The silk protects the jade and recreates the luxury of when jade was considered more valuable than gold.

How Long Does a Jade Roller Last?

Looked after properly a jade roller can last a lifetime. Real jade will not fade with time. In poor quality rollers the metal brackets may fall apart. It is important to buy better quality rollers preferably with a lifetime guarantee if you plan to use your roller long term.

how to wash a jade roller

About White Lotus Jade Rollers

White Lotus was founded by two Australian acupuncturists who first discovered their use almost 20 years ago while studying Chinese Medicine in China.

The crystal rollers can dramatically increase lymphatic drainage, and facial blood circulation to improve the appearance. Combined with facial oils they are a must in any beauty routine.

The White Lotus jade rollers are designed to be of clinical strength. Meaning they will stand up to constant use day in day out.

To do this they employ stronger thick metal brackets. This allows White Lotus to offer its unique lifetime guarantee on all its crystal rollers.

White Lotus Jade rollers are made using only hand carved nephrite jade. The White Lotus jade is mined ethically and is never chemically treated unlike most of its competitors.

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