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Article: How to find a quality Skin Needling Roller

How to find a quality Skin Needling Roller
Anti Aging

How to find a quality Skin Needling Roller

Skin Needling Rollers: Everything You Need to Know about getting a quality roller!

What are the benefits of a skin needling roller?

Skin needling rollers are able to augment the amount of collagen your skin produces, reducing the effect of the ageing process. It can also increase the absorption of moisturising and other type of anti-ageing products up to 10,000 times, which however, also means that some cosmetics should be avoided right after the skin needling process.

Skin needling is not a painful procedure at all. It has been proven through careful research that the feeling of micro needles on skin is the same as the one of a regular surface.

The benefits of skin needling are countless: from wrinkles, to scars, skin laxity and stretch marks. What should you look for when buying a skin needling roller?

1. The length of the needling roller

The smallest needles that will work and increase collagen measure 0.5 millimetres, while smaller ones will only work for the skin to absorb products more easily. Longer needles are usually used for scars and stretch marks.

2. The quality of the needling roller

The best needle rollers should be from a trusted factory and be of a good quality. Do not trust cheap ones as they might break and damage your skin.

3. The needling roller must be machine assembled

The factory where the needling roller is produced must be a trusted one ad, more importantly, machine assembled. Standard temperature and tamper evidentpackaging are also very important.

4. You must know and trust the brand

Knowing whether the product you are purchasing is of a good quality and has been sterilised is often very difficult. Unfortunately, packaging and adverts often lie and promise you unrealistic product quality for very cheap prices. Always research the brand and factory that produces its needles before making a purchase.

As a supplier and manufacturer White Lotus is regularly approached by other manufacturers who wish to sell us rollers for as little as $3. These dermarollers then appear on Amazon for $10-15. You cannot make a quality sterile dermaroller that will not damage the skin for this little money. Always make sure you can trust the supplier of any needle based product!

How should you use a skin needling roller?

1. Use a good quality cleanser to purify your skin.

2. Use a few drops of serum in order to prepare the skin for the needling roller.

3. Use the roller on the chosen area, rolling it vertically and horizontally for about 10-15 times.

4. Wash the skin needling roller with warm water.

5. Use a skin needling roller cleaning spray to deep clean your needling roller, then store it in a safe case to protect it,

6. Utilise the skin needling roller every two weeks.

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