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How to Tell if Silk Is Authentic or is it Fake Silk?

How can you tell if you have fake silk, genuine silk, or artificial silk? This can be an important question if you are looking to spend your money wisely on the right products. When you purchase items on marketplace sites like eBay and Amazon, you may find an overabundance of cheaper items that claim to be real but actually aren’t. Understanding the difference can help you know if you got a good deal or if you ended up with fake items.

To better understand how to identify real silk, it is important to understand the background on how silk is produced. Genuine silk is produced from silkworm cocoons, specifically silkworks who feed solely on mulberry leaves. This is why quality silk is often also known as mulberry silk. Real silk is more durable than other substitutes like satin.

Silk is an amazing material for a variety of reasons, including because it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties as well as the ability to reduce your allergies and dust mites. Silk is an excellent material for clothing for people who have eczema or atopic  dermatitis due to these properties. Another great reason for silk products is that it can form a moisture barrier, which can help reduce the dehydration of your skin. This is why people love using silk pillowcases and eye masks.

Since there are so many different benefits from using real silk, that it is important that you get the real silk you think that you are getting. You should know that there are some tricks that sellers use. For instance, they may use satin or an artificial silk. These can both look very similar if you aren’t as familiar with real silk.

Here are some ways for you to tell if the silk is authentic. One way is by rubbing the silk between your hands. If it feels warm, it is authentic silk. If you don’t, then it’s likely a fake. Another way to check is by folding the material. Authentic silk is flexible and smooth, so it can easily pass through a ring. If the material is fake, it will fold. You will also want to look at the luster of the material. Silk is a material that is known for its stunning luster. With real silk, you can notice a change in the color as the light changes. Fake silks retain a white sheen at every angle and direction of light. Lastly, there is the burn test. This is an extreme but effective method of determining if the silk is fake. When burning a piece of silk, it will smell just like burnt hair and have an invisible flame. It will also stop burning when you take the flame away. Fake silk will smell like burnt plastic.

Learning how to spot fake silk will help you to determine if a company is reputable or not. Then, you can learn who you can trust when it comes to purchasing those silk materials that you are looking for.

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