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Article: Jade Roller after Botox / Jade Roller on Lips - Full FAQ

Jade Roller after Botox / Jade Roller on Lips - Full FAQ
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Jade Roller after Botox / Jade Roller on Lips - Full FAQ

A jade facial roller can be used after botox with caution. Jade rollers improve blood circulation and increase lymphatic drainage. No research has been done on this subject but there is a chance that this increased detoxification could reduce the amount of time the botulinum toxin remains effective.

Any form of beauty tool, facial massage or stimulation can potentially have this affect. This includes acupuncture, acupressure, Tui Na, lymphatic drainage, facial rollers and gua sha tools amongst others.

In the White Lotus clinic we usually recommend that clients avoid any form of massage in the local area in which they are receiving botox. This is purely a precaution. There is no immediate harm from jade rolling after botox or other injectables. The only small risk is that any form of natural massage that increases the detoxification process could reduce the amount of time that the botox lasts.

It is important to note that botulinum toxin is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. Although it is recognised as safe for facial injections your body still recognises it as a poison and actively works to remove it.

Any natural health enhancing massage is likely to assist your body in this endeavour.

So can you use a jade roller after botox? Yes it is safe to do so. The only risk is that the effects of the botox may wear off slightly sooner and you may need to return for repeat injections more often.

botulinum toxin

Jade Roller on Lips

Jade rollers can be rolled across the lips and other sensitive areas of the face including the neck. They can provide a gentle effective massage to these areas. Caution should be exercised if cold sores are present so as not to spread the infection.

Jade rollers are a very gentle form of cosmetic massage. This makes them an ideal facial tool for sensitive areas which are more difficult to massage with other tools such as gua sha combs and dermarollers.

Can you use a jade roller on your neck?

Jade rollers can be used on the neck when applied with gentle pressure. When rolling on the neck always roll upwards to lift the skin of the neck. This is also safer as you are working with the natural blood flow in the carotid arteries.

The neck is one of the most difficult areas to treat cosmetically. Many massage and other cosmetic techniques cannot be applied here due to the delicate nature of the wind pipe and the location of the arteries. Most skincare products are also ineffective in reducing the sagging skin.

For this reason many people concerned about turkey neck opt for cosmetic surgery which although incredibly invasive is effective in these condition.

The jade roller provides are least one natural alternative. The results may not be quite as dramatic but then neither is the procedure!

can you use a jade roller on your neck

How to use a jade roller on eyes?

Jade rollers can be used very effectively on the delicate skin above and below the eyes and can also be rolled across the eyelids with the eyes closed. This can assist sagging in the eye lids and is particularly effective against eye bags and puffiness.

Crystal rollers work so well at reducing puffiness under the eyes because they directly stimulation the lymphatic system. This helps remove excess fluid in the area. Very few tools are gentle enough to provide a massage in this area.

When using the roller in this area it is often easier to buy a jade roller with a smaller head specifically for these delicate and hard to reach areas. You can also keep the roller in the fridge. This makes it even feel even cooler and feels wonderful on inflamed, or sore eyes.

Please note: It is very important not to use poor quality rollers that employ wire brackets to hold the roller in place. These rollers often break exposing sharp wire ends underneath. These can rip and damage skin but worse but cause very serious issues if they come in direct contact with the eyes.

How to depuff eyes with the jade roller?

  1. Start roll across the area in an outwards direction towards the ears.
  2. When you reach the edge of the eye, continue to roll outwards and upwards across the temples.
  3. Repeat this across the area at least 15 times
  4. When you have finished the massage roller up and around above the ear to aid the lymphatic drainage.

Not sure if this will work at de puffing your eyes then please see the media page where celebrity pop star Tallia Storm raves about how her White Lotus roller does exactly that.

Jade roller benefits acne?

Jade rollers should not be rolled directly across active acne. This could result in spreading the bacteria and make the acne worst. Jade rollers can be used on unaffected skin and in between outbreaks. This can increase skin nutrition and may have an indirect benefit to acne prone skin.

jade roller after botox

Face roller vs gua sha?

Face rollers such as the jade roller have advantages over Gua Sha. They are gentler and can be used on more sensitive areas such as the neck, lips and eyes. They are also easier for most people to learn and can be effectively used straight away without any training.

Gua Sha can provide more intensive stimulation. They are a little more difficult to learn but once mastered have more utility than face rollers. They can, for example be used to directly stimulate individual acupuncture points. This is impossible with a face roller.

Can you use jade roller without oil?

Yes jade rollers can be used without any oil. The roller will roll across the skin just as effectively. Not using oil allows you to keep the roller cleaner. Many people choose to use the roller with an oil or so as to gently roll the products into the skin.

Oils to use with jade roller?

A number of oils can be used with the jade roller including rosehip oil, jojoba oil and argan oil. Traditionally jade rollers were used with Green tea oil (Camellia sinensis oil). This is perhaps still the most effective as it nourishes the skin but does not clog the pores.

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