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Lip Plumping, Injections and lip fillers- The alternative

There is no way to question the obsession that society has shown in the last two decades when it comes to changing body parts or making enhancements to the way a person looks. This can be extremely evident in women who will get all kinds of plastic surgery, but now thanks to other advancements in cosmetic enhancement, there are methods to get certain procedures done without having to perform a surgical intervention and this has encouraged a larger number of people to get this kind of treatment done.

The injections and lip fillers come with a large number of positive and negative effects. There are also many things that you need to keep in mind in order to be prepared for this kind of procedure. The first thing to mention is that lip injections are considered to be the new Botox and it can cost anything between $500 to $2500 to have your lips done with a doctor and this will depend on the area that you come from and the doctor you choose. Just make sure that this person has enough experience in order to guarantee a procedure that will be optimal.

The good

There are many things that can be considered good about this procedure. The first one is that when it gets done, it will feel just like regular lips for both the person who had the procedure and someone else who gets kissed by them. There is also the fact that the recovery is practically instantaneous, with no more than 15 minutes needed to the numbing feeling to be gone and then you will be ready to go on with your day like nothing happened.

There is also an obvious gratification when it comes to the aesthetics, which is the main reason why most women get this kind of treatment done in the first place. This has become a very common practice, but it’s always important that a good doctor with plenty of experience in the procedure can get this done for you.

The bad

There might be lumps and bumps that could start to show up on your lips after the procedure, but they can be corrected so that is not a big deal. There is also the fact that people who tend to suffer from cold sores can end up getting one right after they get this procedure done.

Several women in the world of entertainment have mentioned how their procedure gave them lips that looked nothing like what they expected and this occurred due to an allergic reaction. Leslie Ash is one of the woman who publicly spoke about her problem, but the truth is that it can be quite evident that it doesn’t work very well for many actresses even when they don’t mention it.


Lips Before and After

The lotus roller skin needling treatment is meant to increase collagen and elastin production in the lips. This is an alternative that many are finding to be quite good because it will have longer lasting effects and it will encourage the natural production of collagen. You can always request skin needling when you get your lips done, or try the treatment yourself. the results are slower but are not temporary.


There are many mixed opinions about the lip fillers and injections, but the truth is that they are the safest way for a woman to enhance the appearance of her lips without any surgery being required. If you are interested in learning more about this, you should look for a qualified professional that can give you some specific answers that you might need in order to decide if this is the right kind of treatment you want to use to make your lips look fuller.