Mistake No. Three – Titanium Skin Needling rollers good for  space ships?  White Lotus

Mistake No. Three – Titanium Skin Needling rollers good for space ships?

Just a few years ago, titanium coated needles were introduced to the market with bold claims about how much better they were and what a huge change they would bring into skin needling The majority of consumers did not know much about titanium and thought it was some expensive material mainly used in spacecraft industry, which presumably made it better than ordinary stainless steel.

As it turned out, new titanium rollers were for the most part the same as most of the other skin needling rollers on the market. Only a tiny thin layer of titanium was put over regular stainless steel needles. Certainly it was not enough to justify all the excitement around this new material, moreover the claims about it making needles stronger and more durable.

It is worth mentioning that as skin needling roller supplier, we are often times approached by various producers who want to persuade us to sell their derma rollers. This allows us to claim indisputably that there is basically no difference in the purchase price for the cheap titanium rollers or cheap stainless steel rollers. Prices start rising substantially only when manufacturers start focusing on quality needle production. And this requires more time and effort.

The fact remains that in surgery, they still use stainless steal as number one material for medical devices used for heart surgery. It is still a gold standard due to its proven hardness and durability characteristics. When you look at what syringes, acupuncture needles and scalpels are made of, you will get more evidence of the value of stainless steel in devices production.

I am sure that we can just leave all the titanium skin needling roller excitement to those in marketing and get back to focusing on micro needle rollers that get the job done superbly!