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Never Use Gua Sha On Your Neck

Very recently, there has become an abundance of videos on YouTube and other sites that demonstrate how to use jade Gua Sha. This is as a result of the surging popularity of this and other ancient Chinese techniques to improve one’s health and beauty. The jade roller and other crystal rollers are among the increasingly popular options that people are using. The problem is that a lot of these videos contain information that isn’t very accurate at all. While these products are very safe when compared to other modern beauty practices, there are still things that you will want to avoid doing.

One of these potentially risky things that can be seen on these videos is to use a crystal Gua Sha on your neck. This can turn a very safe treatment that offers a lot of great benefits to the user and turn it into a risky situation. The neck is an incredibly sensitive and delicate part of your body, which houses some important parts including your carotid artery and the windpipe. When Gua Sha is traditionally practiced, this requires a lot more force than when you are just using a jade roller. The goal is for stronger simulation of the problem areas to provide therapeutic benefits to your back and cosmetic benefits for your face. Traditionally, this treatment would also include cosmetic acupuncture that is usually graded from the least invasive treatment to the most invasive treatment as a final stage. What this means is that you would start with the jade roller, then use Gua Sha, the cosmetic cupping, and finally acupuncture.

Stronger simulation on the neck can be particularly problematic if you use it on the front of your neck. First of all, stroking over the windpipe can be pretty uncomfortable for a person. Even more importantly, by applying too much pressure to the carotid artery you can cause temporary issues with the blood flow to the brain. Best case scenario, you just feel a little faint. That being said, Gua Sha should never take place on the front part of your neck.

Traditionally, Gua Sha is used on the back of the neck at the end of your treatment. Once you have completed a strong simulation on your face, you would then move the jade roller behind your ear and then down the back and side of your neck. The purpose of this is the drainage of lymphatic fluid from your face, which can reduce puffiness and finish off your treatment.

If you start watching videos that tell you to use your jade roller on the front of your neck or to move the roller downwards, these are not videos that are actually helpful to you. Fortunately, you can turn to White Lotus to offer you expert guidance and support as you try to learn more about these ancient practices for beauty purposes. If you are interested in learning more about these practices, you can check out these resources on how to make the most of your jade roller and anything you’d like to know about traditional Chinese medicines.

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