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Skin Needling Review

Nobody likes the thought of aging, and some are unhappy with the results of their skin after they reach a certain age. Thankfully for them, there is the Skin Needling Roller. Compared to many other anti-aging techniques, Skin Needling is perhaps not only the better choice, but the better in comparison to other harsh and abrasive techniques.

Intense Pulsed Light: Intense Pulsed Lights takes roughly two to three weeks to work in reversing anti-aging, whereas the Skin Needling Roller increased collagen than the IPL and thus receiving better results.

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Both Dermal Rolling and Laser Skin Resurfacing by causing minimal damage and increasing the production of collagen. Unfortunately, they can actually cause damage when the skin boils and can lead to scar tissue which would have to be corrected later. The Skin Needling Roller however, makes only minute holes in the skin which heals fast without an increase in scarring.

Chemical Peels: A chemical peel removes the outer layers of skin which increases the growth of collagen and absorption of products in the deeper layers. The Skin Needling Roller has no need to remove the layers of skin and can produce collagen without doing so. This leads not only to a higher recovery rate and time, but minimal damage.

Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion removes the outer skin layers much like the Skin Needling Roller which allows the skin to absorb products better. However, microdermabrasion removes the outer protective layer of skin which can cause infections among other risks which the Skin Needling roller does not.

Botulinum Toxin: Not much has been done to study the two in comparison. However, the Botulinum freezes the nerves and has only a short term rate of effectiveness, while Skin Needling  works more naturally and lasts longer.

Derma Fillers: Once again, few studies have been shown to correlate the two, but it is known that the fillers neither last as long nor look as natural as the treatment received from the Skin Needling roller.

Over all, as you can see the Skin Needling Roller is a fundamentally more sound decision to use than most other options. It both works in a natural way with your skin to produce the growth of collagen and with very little side-effects. The Skin Needling roller does not remove the protective layer of skin unlike most treatments which keeps out bacteria and infection that could lead to other complications. Not only that, you get a more natural look that lasts a lot longer than those other procedures. On average, you will find most only last from three to seven months whereas the Skin Needling roller can produce fresh and natural looking results for up to five years!

For those looking to practice and not just received treatment from the skin needling roller, there are sources that will help you to find insurance to help cover your needs as well as different places and times in which you can receive training to do the proper treatments on your own. The Skin Needling roller is a win-win situation for everyone as it works with your body’s natural growth.