Superior jade roller designed by anti-aging experts  White Lotus

Superior jade roller designed by anti-aging experts

History is replete with anti-aging rituals ranging from the bizarre to absolutely dangerous.  From Cleopatra’s daily donkey-milk baths to Elizabeth Bathory’s regular baths in the blood of female virgins.  The strife for eternal youth has brought about many myths and legends.

Luckily, you no longer have to hunt down a donkey every day or turn to murder to maintain your youthful looks.  You can purchase the superior jade facial roller that was designed by anti-aging experts.  The White Lotus Jade Roller is handmade from A-grade jade.

Most other jade rollers are made with lower grade jade which usually contains unnatural elements or is chemically treated.  A-grade jade is specifically used in jewelry, and now in this facial roller due to its natural properties.

Pure jade crystal has been used by the Chinese since ancient times in their beauty regiments.  This roller is handmade and its sturdy design allows you to use it confidently around sensitive areas such as the eye area.  Additionally, with this design, you can remove the roller for easy cleaning.  It is vital to remove all the bacteria to avoid infection and damage to the skin.

Benefits of using the jade facial roller

The number of benefits to using the White Lotus Jade Roller includes:

  • *Improved blood circulation and skin tone
  • *Enhances the elasticity of the skin
  • *Promotes drainage of the lymphatic system
  • *Lessens puffiness and wrinkles in the facial area
  • *Reduces dark under eye circles
  • *Eliminates toxins from the skin
  • *Tightens pores due to the jade’s natural ability to maintain a cool temperature even when in contact with the skin.

How to use the jade roller

The jade roller comes with a full set of easy to follow instructions on how to use the product.  Some basic instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product is to always use the jade roller on the freshly washed skin.  You can use the jade roller on its own or in combination with a natural anti-aging serum to ensure optimal absorption of the product by the skin

The website also features a detailed video give instructions on how to use the jade roller and is also available in their Jade Anti-Aging facial pack

Effective design

The White Lotus jade roller is easy to use and due to its design offering a larger head, you are better able to achieve lymphatic drainage.  Effective lymph drainage and skin cell nutrition are vital to address issues such as puffy eyes and skin.  The jade roller can also be used for treatments in the neck and décolletage areas. These areas are often neglected and quickly show the signs of aging

The White Lotus jade roller is available on the website at an affordable price and comes beautifully packed lined with silk.  It is the perfect treat for yourself or a gift for a dear friend.  Youthful looks no longer needs to be shroud in myth and mystery.

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