The Ins and outs of Cupping  White Lotus

The Ins and outs of Cupping

You might have heard of the phrase ‘ cupping’ in the Chinese field of massage, what does it actually stand for and what is it used for?

Over Thousands of years people have used this term, breaks up the old tissue cells so that the skin can reform itself to health. This item comes nicely packaged in a beautiful gift box.

The cups provided are made of high rated silicon, highly flexible material which makes it easier for users to pinch on the skin without harming themselves. Using this method instead of the glass type means you will not need a flame to complete the procedure as this can be very dangerous if caution is not taken. The glass ones are a lot more dangerous and not only because of the flame, they can chip. The silicon will guarantee you more safety.

When purchasing the white lotus cup you can be sure to enjoy a relaxing experience as it is the easiest experience to follow, you simply pinch the cup to your skin and you are on your way. The cup has two sizes, the smallest being perfect for those small areas and the larger is for the stretch mark areas and cellulite. Even though the cups are made of a long lasting strong material, you are given a lifetime guarantee upon completion of the purchase.

Who uses the cupping method?

China has used cupping massages for over 1,000 years. Studies have shown evidence on the great walls of Egypt. The method is used to relieve people from stress, both mentally and physically. People use this method to help ease pain and other issues they may have and cosmetics have found a great use for it too.

The cups are made by experts who have made the silicon that sturdy they last for many years, that's being used daily too. They are safe for all types of skin, even sensitive.

When purchasing the white lotus cups, you have a choice of choicing a pack with a jade roller (for the face or body) or just selecting a body cup,face cup or face and body cup set.

With the Jade Face Pack you will receive, the face cup, jade roller, face pack organic cleanser, Gua Sha face pack and organic green tea anti aging oils.

The Jade Body pack contains the intensive jade roller, body cup and organic stretch mark and cellulite serum.

There are many instructional videos to make the packs even clearer to use. The package will contain all this plus more for you to enjoy the luxury experience.

Replenish your skin and revive that built up lymph.

You will not be disappointed with the service and products at white lotus. We are always available for expert technical support for home and clinic users.

You can begin to feel like a whole new person for a tiny investment. This is not just for one part of your body, this can be used on your face and the whole body, saving you money in the long run.

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