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Article: The Power of Green Tea on Your Skin

The Power of Green Tea on Your Skin
Green Tea

The Power of Green Tea on Your Skin

It is quite impossible to come up with a short article regarding the benefits of green tea. One of the most amazing characteristics of Green Tea Oil, aside from is its anti-aging properties; it is also equipped with antimicrobial properties which do not block the skin pores. This makes it perfect for both aging skin, as well as young skin, which may be prone to inflammation, acne and other problems.

Solution for Acne

According to the results of the two studies conducted in Korea, applying green tea to skin does not just reduce production of sebum but also works great in reducing acne and inflammation, as well as other acne causes during a clinical trial which lasted for 8 weeks.

UV Damage Prevention and Repair

Green tea also presents rejuvenation effects on the skin. When applied to the skin, it can actually work in preventing and repairing effects of UV damage, and in preventing the potential damage of UV radiation on our DNA. It also helps in decreasing outbreaks of acne and was shown recently to be more effective compared to the commonly known 21 herbs for anti-aging used in Europe.

Antioxidant Properties

High doses of polyphenols in green tea oil are found to be among the most effective antioxidant compounds recognised.

Antimicrobial Properties

Green tea oil’s strong antimicrobial properties make it perfect for skin needling.
Anti Cancer Properties
This oil has also been found to show anti proliferative properties that can fight three of the most common cancer forms.
Today, it can be said that the White Lotus serum is the most natural option available.

Range of White Lotus Green Tea Serum

All serums under the white lotus type only use organic green tea oil that is infused with other five specifically chosen five herbs in order to enhance anti-aging, removal of the stretch mark, and scar reduction.
The ingredients used are organic all the time; all are also from natural plants.
The ingredients are listed on each product page so you can easily refer to them when buying.

Keep in mind the aspect on the lack of water. A lot of cosmetic brands these days are composed of 80% water, but under laws for naming, they are only allowed to list this particular ingredient last despite its majority on most of the cream.

Organic green tea oil is definitely one of the best anti-aging products available in the market these days. It has been produced by crushing the seeds of a camellia plant.

Why use the Lotus Roller for the Serums?

The serums can possibly be used as stand-alone products or with skin needling. The major reasons for using them when doing skin needling are:
It increases the treatment’s effectiveness by nourishing the cells while increasing cell nutrition needed for skin repair.

It reduces dryness as a result of skin needling. Serums that are oil based moisturise in a better way compared to water based creams.
Extracts from green tea reduce sunlight sensitivity, which is a very common side-effect caused by treatments performed under derma rollers.

Serum Certification

We are proud to say that all of our serums are more than 85% organic. A lot have also been certified with the soil association, Europe’s largest group for certification. At the same time, our serums have also been certified under the Vegan Society. This means that they do not contain any animal products and have not been used for animal testing, making them Halal products - Our products are UK manufactured.


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