One of the most common causes of concern is the fact that major beauty houses test their products on animals. This has caused great upheaval in the vegan communities and in animal protection communities all over the world. Another problem is that users of these creams or oils do not always know exactly where these creams are tested and where they have been made, leaving quite some mystery as to what the ingredients of these products are. This is where White Lotus Clinic differs and offers transparency and honesty to all their clients and customers. 

The White Lotus Anti-Aging Clinic is an in-house clinic for the White Lotus brand. As part of their public image they base all their products on safe processes and they are all 100% organic. The ingredients used in their anti-aging serums are all sourced from a natural selection of crops which means that the reagents in the products work so much faster on your skin. The fact that they do everything through an in-house clinic means that they can sell the product to you at a cheaper price, but you are getting the reassurance that these products have all undergone certified testing. 

The clinic was founded in 2006 and has been making improvements and upgrades to their already revolutionary products ever since. The experts who head it up have over 11 years’ worth of experience in beauty science. They have spent about 10 years’ worth of testing in different countries all around the world before they started working and developing the products at White Lotus. This just shows how dedicated White Lotus is to delivering the best quality products to their clients. They accept nothing but the best and this in turn shows in the precise way in which they manufacture their anti-aging products.

The aim of this clinic is to combine the knowledge of the experts who work there, develop world-class products, and introduce it to the Western world. They use the ingredients they have sourced as well as the theory and techniques learnt in beauty science to work with the aging process of the body rather than against it. This has delivered the best possible results when it came to their clients. Not only does it provide the desired effect and desired result, but it also helps you to look and feel healthier than ever. 

After the start-up of the clinic and the initial positive response from the public, a demand for the White Lotus products increased. Since 2007 the clinic has proudly bought popular products like the Derma Rollers, microneedling, and anti-aging serum to their customers. They have also been involved in numerous training services, providing training to the rest of the world’s clinics.