By the creators of the Best selling book Holistic Microneedling the White Lotus derma stamp employs a patent-pending needle lock system to avoid glue and ensure the needles can never fall out. Over 8,000 sold and guaranteed to last over a year.

1 product

1 product

Derma Stamp
Derma Stamp is specifically designed to benefit all types of scars & scarring reducing their appearance by up to 70%. The stamp provides stronger localised stimulation to a specific area so providing very quick results in reducing the visible signs of scars. 

It is also very for treating Hair Loss if you have long hair or localised bald patches. It is preferable to the dermaroller in these cases as no hair can become entangled in the axel and torn out.

The Derma stamp is also branded the Dermastamp. We stock the 1mm dermal stamp believing this to be the best all-around scar reducer for the body and the face.