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About White Lotus Crystal

Crystal beauty tools and jade rollers have started to become extremely popular in recent years, which may make you start to question which products are high-quality and ethically sourced?

At White Lotus, we’ve been selling high-quality crystal beauty tools since 2007 and are known for being one of the leading suppliers. Below, we’ll explain what makes our tools different from others on the market, and what you should be looking for before making a purchase.

We will mainly be focusing on jade rollers as they are the most popular, but the information that we discuss will still apply to all crystal combs, rollers and gua sha.

What to think about before buying a crystal tool:

  1. Is the crystal you’re buying genuine?
  2. Is it ethically sourced?
  3. What are the environmental impacts of mining crystals for beauty tools?
  4. Has your crystal been chemically treated after being mined

white lotus genuine crystals

Is the crystal you’re buying genuine?

Several years ago it came out that many jade rollers on sale were not even made using genuine jade.

This led to a controversy about different materials that are used, mainly the difference between jadeite and nephrite. You can read a full summary of this controversy, here.

At White Lotus, we pride ourselves on our products being the highest quality possible, this means supplying only genuine jade beauty tools. Many of our products are stocked in retailers across the country as we can be trusted to only sell genuine jade.

Like many retailers and users found out, it can be very hard to distinguish between genuine and fake jade. One of the main features that sets the two apart is the appearance – the colour of fake jade will quickly fade, especially when exposed to water.

When buying crystal beauty products, you want to buy from a quality seller like White Lotus. Our products are periodically tested for assurance so you know you’re getting the best quality products with a unique lifetime quality guarantee. 

ethically sourced crystal

Is it ethically sourced?

Ethical sources of crystals have become a big issue for the industry in recent years. There have been many reports that have highlighted unfair labour practices and standards in areas where crystals are mined.

As we’ve been selling and sourcing crystals for over 15 years, we’ve created long-lasting connections with suppliers we trust to uphold quality, ethical production practices.

In China, jade is extremely popular, both for cultural reasons and for the value of the precious crystal, this had led to the government imposing strict standards on their production. Mines are regularly inspected and checked to ensure they are adhering to ethical labour laws and regulations.

We believe in full transparency in everything we do, so you can find a video here which shows the process of mining in one of the mines we source our crystals from.

We hope that by providing this information on the safety standards and staff treatment in our partner mines we can give our customers complete confidence in the products they buy from us.

What are the environmental impacts of mining crystals for beauty tools?

As a sustainable brand, we’ve always been concerned about the environmental impacts that are caused by the mining industry. It’s something that affects everything we do, from our cars and phones to our homes and even crystal beauty tools.

To minimise the impact of crystal production, we have tried our hardest to improve the sustainability of the mines we work with and focus on the issue of disposals within the industry.

Because there are so many poor quality jade rollers out on the market, many products get thrown away as soon as their flimsy metal brackets start to break. We believe that these poor quality products are leading to a range of unsustainable processes.

This is why we introduced our unique lifetime guarantee for all of our crystal products. This means that you can keep your jade rollers for longer, and we can stop the overproduction of low-quality crystals.

Our guarantee reflects our desire to create incredible products that will last a lifetime. We do our best to respect the limited supply of minerals the earth supplies us and we want to minimise our impact on resources wherever possible.

chemical free crystal

Has your crystal been chemically treated after being mined?

As much as chemically treating crystals creates negative results, it’s a practice that is all too common in the industry. The treatment is used to make the crystals easier to carve, and also to improve the colour of poor-quality crystals.

Chemically treating crystals saves money but will ultimately affect the quality, altering its composition – which is particularly troubling for people who use crystals for their energetic properties. 

On our blog, we’ve discussed the issues of chemically treating crystals in detail. You can read the full article, here.

We are strict when it comes to chemical treatments and we ensure that none of our crystals ever go through this process. We believe in the natural powers and properties of crystals and will always respect and uphold these throughout the manufacturing process.

Our jade crystals are hand-carved using traditional methods by professional artisans. We then expertly wrap each crystal (without using plastic) so they’re ready to be delivered straight to your door or clinic.