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Acupressure Mat FAQ

Q – Why is the EUROMAT different to other acupressure mats?

A – The EUROMAT uses a unique award winning memory foam to contour to the user. All features of the mat are designed to surpass your expectations. These include wider surface area, food grade plastic spikes and unique Velcro straps to apply the mat to legs and store easily. It is the only mat made in Europe rather than Asia to European standards.

Q – How many plastic spikes does the EUROMAT have?

A – There are 6534 spikes across the wider 65 by 42cm surface area.

Q – How do you keep the EUROMAT hygienic?

A – If you are concerned about bacteria especially if sharing the mat then simply purchase the EUROMAT cleaning spray. It is made from colloidal silver and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Q – Does the EUROMAT hurt when you use it?

A – Most customers agree that the EUROMAT is not painful. It can be a little uncomfortable the first few times until your body gets used to it. This is a good thing and shows that the mat is working. Your body rapidly adapts to the sensation so that you do not experience long term discomfort.

Q – Can I use the mat if I have scars on my back?

A – Yes you can use the mat against scars. The mat however should not be used on open wounds.

Q – Can you also use the EUROMAT elsewhere on the body?

A – Yes it can be used in a variety of areas where you are experiencing discomfort. The unique Velcro straps make it particularly easy to apply to the arms, and legs especially around the knee joints. It can also be used under the head or against the abdomen.

Q - Who can use the Euromat?

A – Almost anyone can use the mats. The only real exceptions are pregnant or breast feeding women. You should consult your Doctor if you are taking strong medications or have other concerns.

Q - How do I purchase the Euromat?

A –Nothing could be simpler just follow this EUROMAT link.