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Amethyst Crystal Facial

Your Match - The Amethyst Crystal Facial

Please keep reading to better understand how the amethyst crystal has been uniquely selected for you.

  • Amethyst for your Skin Type
  • Amethyst for your Acupuncture meridians
  • Amethyst for your Chakras

amethyst crystal facial

Skin Type - Suitable for Normal, dry and sensitive skin

Amethyst is ideal for those with dry, more fragile skin prone to pronounced lines and wrinkles. Dry skin can be epitomised by areas of flakiness, itchy or dry, a sense of tightness or feeling a size too small. Very rarely oil prone.

Normal, sensitive or combination skin types also benefit from Amethyst as it helps smooth, calm and invigorate the complexion. It has little relevance in the health management of oily or acne prone skin.

In ancient Chinese skin diagnosis small fine lines and wrinkles are attributed to qi (energy) and blood deficiency, while deeper lines particularly seen in maturing skin, are connected to kidney and liver deficiency. Amethyst helps nourish deeper set lines and illuminate skin while relieving dryness and protecting even the most sensitive skin.

Learn more about performing the Amethyst Crystal Facial at home

Acupuncture Meridian - connected to the Kidney Meridian and Water Element

The deep purple tones of Amethyst are associated in Chinese medicine with water. This highly prized crystal is connected with kidney function.

In Chinese medicine each organ is not just referred to as a physical object but rather representative of a system of energy flow and communication throughout the body from the main organs. Each organ controls a sensory factor. The kidneys control the ears so many cases of tinnitus, deafness or ear infections can be connected with imbalance in the kidneys.

It is believed the kidneys represent the amount of energy you are born, inherited from parents, which is then shaped and enhanced by lifestyle, diet and sleep.

It is believed that each organ also controls the creation of a bodily substance and in reference to the kidneys this is bone. Pain in the knees, lower back as well as in dental issues can be connected.

If you are suffering with a sense of anxiety that manifests through fear, it may connect to the wellbeing of the kidneys.

Early greying, fragility and breakage of hair is also considered symptomatic of kidneys needing extra nourishment.

When kidneys and qi deficiency is discussed, often either yin or yang deficiency are referenced. Kidney yin deficiency in particular will often become apparent as large cracks on the tongue or sometimes a complete lack of coating.

For the complexion, deep-set, more pronounced wrinkles are associated with the kidneys as the kidneys operate at a very deep level of the body. Not to be confused with smaller, shallow wrinkles and fine lines, which are more connected to deficiency of qi (energy) and blood.

Amethyst is a tonic crystal that can help deeply nourish the body’s energy systems and flows to help aid kidney function as they are understood in Chinese medicine, it is also perfect for dry skin and age management skin therapy.

Learn more about performing the Amethyst Crystal Facial at home

Chakra - Benefits the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye or Ajna chakra is perhaps the most well known chakra and widely recognised. It is correlated to intuition and spiritual awakening. Amethyst has always been intrinsically linked to this chakra.

Amethyst can also improve mental clarity, concentration and imagination.

Purple resonates immediate connections with the purple/ dark blue colour of the third eye.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal for increasing clarity of mind, focus, concentration and imagination, applied creatively, professionally and spiritually.

The third eye has believed to have strong connections with the pituitary gland, the master gland for hormonal wellbeing. Amethyst is helps support healthy function of this key biological master-switch, but by association aids wider endocrine system wellbeing.

The third eye is situated on the forehead and Amethyst in support of this chakra, is believed to be especially good for relieving the deep wrinkles that form between the brows.

Amethyst is also believed to help support energy flow and clarity in the crown chakra.

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Learn more about performing the Amethyst Crystal Facial at home

Now you understand how our unique chemical free crystal can benefit you, we have a special offer for you.

Our Amethyst Crystal facial at home collection is the ideal way to optimise your skin health transformation and represents 30% off individual RRP.

The Amethyst Crystal Facial Pack includes

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  • The organic Green Tea Face Oil
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  • Full Instructions including video links on how to perform the crystal facial
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