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Online Business Coach and Ecommerce Consultant Service

Running a profitable, streamlined business is one of the biggest personal development experiences that you will ever have. Being a solopreneur or even in a partnership, can be lonely and isolating. You are also often way too close to your business to see it objectively and make the required changes in order to grow to the next level.

This is when you need a business consultant or coach.

Why work with us?

small business consulting

Because we have been where you are right now! We have run our own clinics, trained therapists around the world, built eCommerce businesses since 2003 and sold on International marketplaces.

We also operate b2b and b2c and trade internationally. We have dealt with retailers, distributors as well as the media.

We are published best selling authors and acknowledged industry experts.

We have learned to carve and create our own business and set our own trends.

We have also learned that the uniqueness of each business is in your offering and personality, what you bring to the business, your style and your voice.

Whether you need to get more client’s in the door, scale your business, cut costs or offer better services, our wealth of experience can help you achieve that.

We take a deep dive into your business and use our business intuition coupled with strategic thinking to find creative solutions for you.

Whether you wanted to book in for a series of coaching calls to get your business on track or simply book a strategic marketing session where we deliver a road map and strategies to set you on the road to success, we can help you.

"I highly recommend working with Kamila for your business strategy! She is not only highly creative in the strategy she recommends, but also really understand the action plan of how to make it happen! If you want to get your business out into the world and make money- Work with her!!!!”

Intuitive Mindset Coach

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Common Pain Points we will address

  • Marketing strategies and planning
  • Running clinics and centres
  • Business Automation and Processes
  • Pricing and service offering
  • Profitability or the lack of it
  • Ecommerce and online selling
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Client Management
  • Growth and scaling your business
  • Website reviews and analysis
  • Entering and Selling on marketplaces
  • Organising and marketing seminars both online and in person
  • Selling Courses and coaching services online
  • Business Constellations

Ecommerce Consultants

ecommerce consultant

We love ecommerce! We opened our first ecommerce store in 2003 and have been constantly selling ever since. Want a consultant who has actually done it? Someone who has actually faced all the challenges you are now facing over and over again and come out on top? Then White Lotus is for you.

Want a dry business consultant with an accounting degree who have never sold anything other than their own services, then best look elsewhere.

We take an extremely practical approach to ecommerce. We will work on Ecommerce Strategy Consulting, ecommerce marketing services, online store and sales funnels and then break it down into small actionable steps you can take immediately.

We have worked with with multiple ecommerce firms across Australia and Internationally using platforms such as shopify, wordpress and magento. Additionally we have direct experience launching brands on the following marketplaces - Amazon, ebay, Catch, Mydeal, Fruugo, CDON, BOL, Alegra and C-Discount.

What does this mean for you? If you have a question or an opportunity you want to pursue the chances are we have direct experience with it and can show you how to make it a genuine success.

"White Lotus provided invaluable IT advice to demystify the SEO and google ads process for my small business website and to optimise my Facebook Ad Manager account. As a growing small business, I highly recommend White Lotus service to help you efficiently expand".

Craig Heal
Teacher and Manager

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Small Business Mentoring Service

White Lotus provide more than just business consulting. Business consulting can often take a big business macro approach and fail to address the key issues you are facing day to day. White Lotus will quickly identify the low hanging fruit to enhance profitability and ease the cash flow pressure so we can focus on the long term strategy.

Small Business Startup Consulting Service

Got a great idea but not sure where to start? The founders have really been there and done it. We can help you build a plan for success and avoid a lot of the pitfalls and risks in these early stages.

We work as small business marketing consultants and provide new business mentoring to some of the most creative businesses world wide. So if you are looking for genuine businesses coaches for entrepreneurs book a consultation today.

Business Coach for Therapists

Having started life as therapists, namely acupuncturists, we are familiar with the multiple issues facing a start up and then a growing clinic. We can deliver strategies to rapidly scale your clinic or even develop your health and wellness business ideas into a product based business to truly sky rocket your profits.

We successfully consult on acupuncture clinics, alternative health clinics as well as acting as beauty business consultants, wellness business coaches, fitness business consultants and yoga business coaching.

If you are looking for creative business mentors who can provide truly smart business consulting then book a free 15 minute discovery call today.

"Following on from my recently completed training (jade roller, gua sha, facial cupping, microneedling & cosmetic acupuncture), I decided I needed to consolidate all of the information & ideas running around in my head! My consultation with Anthony really helped me to get a clearer vision of how I’ll bring the new treatments on board. Anthony was very helpful & knowledgeable & was happy to answer any questions I fired at him. I can’t wait to get started!!!"

Thanks again 😊

Elise Nettle
Lotus Brows & Lashes

business coach for therapists

Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Yes, we get asked frequently whether we work extensively with female entrepreneurs. Being focused on the health and beauty industry over 50% of our clients are women and we provide a very popular business coach for women entrepreneurs service.

This is a particular passion of Kamila's and she advises extensively to other several marketing firms specialising in female entrepreneurship as well as being an active member of several women's business associations.

Are you a match?

You are a great match to work with us if you are motivated and willing to make necessary changes. If you take responsibility for all the actions and lack of actions that happen daily and don’t mind us talking openly, honestly and authentically. We want you to thrive, get results and grow! We are invested in your success.

You are a great match if you turn up and do the work. Action = results, even if imperfect!

You are not a match if you:

  • Don’t take action
  • Want someone to do all the work for you
  • Won’t look at your business and patterns objectively
  • Want to keep doing the same thing and then get annoyed when the same things keep happening
  • Won’t work on your mindset, attitudes to money or any limiting beliefs that are blocking you

Online Business Coaching Services

How we work:

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